Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

I WILL blog this week, and not just on Friday!

So I've mentioned that we are having discipline problems with Kiddo. From what I can tell, it's pretty typical of being 5 and being extremely bored. I've been trying to figure out his currency; that is, whatever it is that he holds valuable, and use it to bargain for good behavior. It used to be really easy with him. I could take away toys or video games and he would straighten right up. But now it seems that while taking away those things upsets him, it does nothing to correct the behavior. After a few minutes he is back to being naughty and he adds sad and angry on top of it because of the lost privileges.

So the other day in desperation I had an epiphany. He loves any kind of event - someone coming to town, some sort of celebration... and he has really been looking forward to the holiday season. His Rain Man like calendar brain reminds him daily that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all coming up soon and he is very excited. He is already talking about Santa and he's written a Christmas list. He studies the Part City Halloween costume book for hours, dreaming of all the costumes he can wear and he tells Hubby and I what we can dress up as too. He is a nut about these things.

So he was being particularly difficult and it occurred to me that he would do practically anything to ensure he gets to wear a Batman costume in a couple of weeks and go trick-or-treating. So in the midst of one of his fits, I told him if he didn't straighten up I was going to take away the holidays.

Starting with Halloween.

You. would. not. believe. how much nicer that afternoon was.

I still have to remind him from time to time that Halloween can go away if he gets out of line, but I have to say he has been much easier to handle lately. And now that I have actually purchased the Batman costume, and it sits in plain view in his room, he has an even more present reminder. (and, what ever happened to homemade costumes?!? Seriously, $20 was a lot to cough up for that thing!)

We shall see how far this ride will take me. I am enjoying it so far. ;-)


A little Kiddo-speak before I wrap it up...

In the car on the way to the store, Kiddo asked me how many zeros were in 1 million. Then he told me that 10 million was the last number. I told him that wasn't the case and that numbers can go on forever, and then I gave him some examples. He was blown away! lol! After discussing the number of zeros in 1 trillion and 1 billion, he says,

"Wow! Your cool mom brain is AMAZING!"

That one cracked me up!

D :)


Julia said...

Effective parenting seems to boil down to giving and taking away privileges, or at least it seems like it is a lot of times. Best of luck milking the Batman suit for as long as you can get use out of it. :-) I've got a Batman costume for Port if you want to stop by and grab it. Just let me know when.

J. Nalley said...

We've had currency issues as well! The other day I took away an extra pumpkin festival to attend. And sometimes I pick up random trashy toys off the floor and throw them away for not cleaning her room. Amazing what a reaction that gets. It's usually like a Chuck E. Cheese type prize. I can't throw away good stuff!

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