Friday, February 19, 2010


Happy Friday Company Girls and Beloved Regulars!

Man, all week long I've been thinking it was Friday, wishing for Friday and dreading Friday. Friday, needless to say, has been on the brain.

And all day today I thought it was Wednesday. Go figure. lol

But, indeed, it is Friday, and I am looking forward to getting some things done this weekend. Hopefully I can make it out and about and get some tasks taken care if before Hubby runs off to do his thing. It seems there are never enough waking hours in the weekend for us to both get our stuff done. And usually I am the one to not do my stuff if time is short because if I really, really have to, usually I can do it during the week. But doing my stuff kid free on the weekends is sooooo much easier! How I long for those few hours to myself. I wish I got them more often.

But I digress.

My parents sent me my birthday present early, a beautiful gift card to Home Depot, and so I hope to be able to do some garden supply shopping and pick up some much desired dirt and fertilizer for my garden. I am so eager to get things planted and now is the time! Yay!!!

Last night we recorded this weeks Musing Mommies podcast. We were a few days late because Kim has been having trouble with her voice. We did a dual podcast with Melody from 2GodChicks. It was so much fun talking with her, and being interviewed as well as interviewing. It is different when the tables are turned! Anyway, I think it was a great conversation and I can't wait until I get to hear it all edited and nice. One little fun fact; Melody and Wendy record their podcast in Melody's closet! lol! Awesome! It was so funny watching her on Skype sitting amongst her clothes and shoe boxes. Hey, you go where the sound is the best, right?

I got little Port to nap today. He protested for a few minutes but finally relented and went to sleep. Thank goodness, because the no-nap day yesterday was not fun. Don't get me wrong, Port was actually pretty good most of the afternoon. But come bed time he was so over tired he fought everything. He didn't want to get his jammies on, he didn't want to tell anyone goodnight, he didn't want to give his "bump-bumps" (fist bumps) to anyone. He screamed his angry CPS calling level scream for a good 20 minutes before finally passing out. It was not fun for anybody. Tonight, he scrunched up his face and huffed and puffed a little, but he willingly went in his room for jammies and he happily said goodnight and bump-bumped everyone (even the cat!!). He willingly went to his room, picked up his toys without asking (my sweet little organized dude) and helped me turn out the light. When I laid him in the crib he scrunched up his face again, but he turned on his little fishy light and only said one "no!" when I closed the door. No crying, no screaming, nothing.


I am not ready for him to give up naps yet. I know he can make it through the day without one, but the difference it makes in how well bed time goes is enough for me to put up with the noon time protest so he will take a nap. It may keep us from doing stuff most days, but it is so worth it.

How old were your kids when they gave up naps? I have probably asked this before, but I am really hoping I can get a few more months at least out of him before we have to do something else. (afternoon rest time? stay in your room and read time? I have no clue here.)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

D :)


Marianne said...

I can so relate to the nap situation. My oldest, now 5, stopped napping at the age of 2. Honestly if she took a nap then she would be so grumpy afterwards that I thought I was going to go bananas. If she didn't take a nap it was all bliss, go figure.
My youngest now is 7 months and is still taking 2 naps a day, but it varies on how long they last. Thankfully she is able to nap where ever she is and that is no helpful when I am busy with the 5 year old and her activities.
I do hope though that lil one will take naps for a long time to come.

Lea said...

Enjoyed stopping by your blog today. My daughter is facing the "nap" situation with her 16 month old. He's been taking 2 naps, but this week he's trying to give up the morning one. But, she feels blessed that they lasted as long as they did. A happy week-end to you!

bashtree said...

I can't relate to the naps because I don't have kids, but I had to laugh at your story about getting the days confused. That happens to me all the time and it's such a funny thing.

jennibell said...

I'm not for sure when my kids gave up naps, but since *I* still needed one (or at least a period without them hanging on me) each day I would go through the routine of lunch, potty, and quiet time. They had to do something QUIETLY in their bedrooms for one hour. Because they couldn't tell time, I pushed the button on their clock radios to play music. . .you know how they are generally set to go off after an hour? Yep, they were not allowed to ask how long they had. . .when the music was over, they could come out. They did this until they went to kindergarten! I think they also needed the quiet time b/c I don't remember it ever being a problem (and I had 4 children in 5 years). Hope this helps???

Joyce said...

I worked as a Pre-K teacher and a lot of the parents would come in and tell us that their kids don't nap, but once the lights are out and the music is turned on and the room is quiet, every single little 4-5 year old body is asleep. So, of course, it seems they can make it without that nap, but they probably need it. Even when we have drop-in Kindergarteners, they sometimes take a nap too. Wouldn't you like to have a little siesta in the middle of the day? =p I can't go without giving my kiddos a nap, and when we go visit others with kids, and tell them we have to go because the kids need to nap, they look at us like we're crazy! "They'll adjust" said hubby's cousin. If adjust means they'll be cranky and rubbing their eyes until nighttime, I guess they do. =p And happy early birthday.

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