Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today, in Austin, TX, we had a snow day.
Today has been unlike any day I've ever seen.

I have only seen snow a few times in my life, but never have I seen anything like this. here. in our town.
{Mum, looka dis! Nooooo!}

The flakes, several times throughout the day, were the size of golf balls.
This is a picture of my broccoli plant. It is about 6-8 inches tall. Only the top 4-5 inches are sticking out.
These are my carrots. Or, were my carrots. I can't quite find them right now.
This is the neighbor's house. I didn't even recognize it.
Looking out from my doorway across the street. See my neighbors on the right? They are wearing short sleeved shirts. That is probably because we are in Austin, TX, and we don't know how to act in SNOW. And, also probably because it was 76 degrees on Sunday.
This is the same view only an hour later.
Hot chocolate. It was what was for lunch.
Man, Kiddo looks so....old. *sigh*

This is the front of my house. I cannot believe how much snow there is.
My rosemary bush. So pretty!
The boy. Squinty-eyed and messy-mouthed. Typical. ;-)

Our first snow man attempt. He is about 6" tall, and a true Texan. He has cedar berries for eyes. He kinda looks mad...
{go awaaaaay, go awaaaaaay!}

He is a photographer's kid. I get this look a lot.
{Fine, I will look at you. }

I like this one much better.
Our third snowman, Jack. He is much bigger. He and Kiddo are "holding hands".
And he has cool hair.

The boys had great fun throwing snow balls at each other (hubby included). I don't have pictures of it because I kept getting caught in the cross fire. I didn't want to risk getting my camera wet. Kiddo could have stayed out in it all day. I would have to drag him in every so often so he could warm up and dry off. My dryer got a real workout today running every few hours to dry pants, jackets and gloves. Port liked being out there, but once he got cold he was done. He stayed inside a lot and sat in the window saying "ooh pree nooo!" (ooh, pretty snow!). It was pretty cute.

Kiddo was pretty whiny all afternoon though. He gets like that when he's had a lot of fun or attention in one day - he can't handle it ending, even if it's just for a minute or two so everyone can warm up.

I just can't believe that it snowed here all. day. long! The flakes went from tiny to golf ball sized and everything in between. At one point it was raining, sleeting and snowing huge fluffy flakes all at the same time. I couldn't keep my eyes off the windows in my house.

But, even though it was fun and pretty and so extraordinary...

I am ready for the 76 degree weather to come back.

D :)

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