Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Day

Yesterday was the most perfect day weather wise. It was sunny, warm (about 76 degrees), there was a light breeze, the air was clean - it was PERFECT. I spent a good 2+ hours out in the garden digging my little heart out. I made a nice sized trench in between the 2 raised beds and I plan on planting zucchini there. I was going to put them on the fence line, but I think the full sun the area between the beds gets will be better for them. Instead, I plan on putting beans and maybe some corn along the fence. We just need to find something to use as a trellis first.

It's funny how curious birds become when you toss a bunch of grubs out on to a hard, flat place on the ground. The grubs start to squirm and the birds begin to gather...

Digging in that dirt, man it really does something for my soul. And, it really does something for my body as well. Talk about a work out! At one point, I had been on my knees digging out the trench by hand because I encountered a large group of limestone rocks that I couldn't get around with a shovel. I was bending forward and scooping the dirt out and digging around the rocks with my hands and my legs were trembling violently. After 2 hours of doing that, my body was so worn out I felt weak. By bed time last night, I was in pain.

But it was so worth it - I just love, love, love digging in the dirt. The smell of the earth, the feel of it in my hands, the silence of being outside with no one talking to me, and the air and the sun all combined just warmed my heart and my soul. My mind raced with thoughts that all week collided in my head as I sat indoors. Outside, it was as if they had more room to maneuver, and I was able to think things through so much faster. Everything I had been trying to hard to unravel in my head suddenly became clear.

I can't wait to go pick up my fertilizer and compost and get planting.

It was a nice release from the tension and anger I experienced when we came home from church yesterday. We left our dog in the house like we normally do, and when we got home we walked in to a huge, disgusting mess. While we were gone, the dog thought it would be fun to completely demolish a bag full of trash and distribute it's contents all over my house.


Thankfully that was the only low in a pretty terrific day.

Our church service was awesome. Brad Johnson from Mission of Hope Haiti was the speaker. His message was extremely powerful. He gave me so much to think about. I will have to marinate on it some before I can share. I am still not sure of what to do with some of the thoughts in my head. Some of the music was led by Mission of Hope Haiti's worship leader, Claudel Senat. It was such an amazing, spiritual experience.

After the dog/trash debacle, the big boys left on a hike and Port and I played in the back yard for a bit before nap time. I needed to transplant a few veggie plants I am sprouting in the kitchen and so I collected some random containers to put them in. I found a place in the yard with nice soil and started to dig, and the next thing I knew my little man had joined me with another small shovel and was helping me fill the pots. He had great coordination with that dirt - not much missed the mark. I was really surprised since I don't know when he's ever practiced scooping materials and filling containers. He did a great job, and it was so fun digging with him.

Port's speech is still kind of hit and miss, but it seems to be getting much better when he is on. He's begun to address Hubby and I before he says his gibberish; "Mum, bleeble blobble bleeble blobble. Um, Dad, bleeble blooble, bleeble, blobble." It's so cute. He has been mimicking his brother a lot. Sometimes though he will actually say real sentences. If he falls he will say "I ok". He'll also say "Let's go!" and "I'm ready!"

Today Kiddo handed Port a bag of marbles and just as plain as day he said "Woah, what ees dis?!".

Cracked me up.

Pretty soon I won't be able to shut him up.

Gratitude Monday

With today being Gratitude Monday, I would like to make a gratitude list.

I am thankful for...
1. the rich, dark earth in my yard that will soon be providing nourishment for my family.
2. my sweet babies and the moments I enjoy spending with them
3. the sound of a young child speaking in that sweet high pitched voice that makes everything sound cute. Sometimes, even when he says "no" it makes me smile.
4. my church; the music, the message, all of it. I love attending there.

Feel free to join me. Grab a button and tell me what you are thankful for!

D :)


Julia said...

I will just live vicariously through your gardening. I love it, but I can't chance a fire ant bite. Sorry about your dog-trash debacle. Sounds awful to clean up.

Barb said...

So jealous that you got warm and lovely weather this weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that it will soon be nice here.

We just started some seeds for tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, and sweet potato (not from seeds though).

Sorry about the doggie issues - you aren't alone in that. I am having issues with the cat and the puppy. So ready to sell this place so I can have more land and outdoor animals.

Angie Borden said...

so...oddly enough, I am not much of a gardener... Although since we are in the new house, I have big goals. My first goal is a really nice herb garden. I absolutely love cooking with fresh herbs. We have a HUGE rosemary bush (bush? I assume that's the right word) that I have really enjoyed. It lasted through the winter, snow, etc...and I was very happy. hope is to have a nice little garden of parsley, chives, basil, sage, dill and mint!

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