Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another Layer

On Friday the school sent all the Kindergarten kids home with a giant "turkey feather" cut out for them to decorate and bring back to the school this week. As usual, when Kiddo came home, he pulled everything out of his backpack and scattered it all about and I didn't find the "feather" until late Sunday night.  Then, in a swift stroke of pure genius on my part, I placed it in a stack of "important papers" {cough} on my desk and it was once again forgotten (more like buried...). Yesterday, after school, Kiddo asked me about it.

It took some digging, but I eventually found it. I had Kiddo read the instructions to me and he decided that he was going to decorate his "feather" by drawing something on it in marker. I thought it was a great idea - he is an amazing artist so I just *knew* he would come up with something awesome. He got down on the floor of the kitchen with a set of markers and went to work. I went back to my computer to finish up editing a family session I shot a couple of weeks ago.  Every now and then I was brought out of my zone by giggles and laughter coming from the kitchen, but I figured Kiddo was just drawing something funny.

Well, I was right. Sort of.

20 minutes later he came out of the kitchen with the feather, giggling wildly.  He was very proud of his creation and couldn't wait to show it to me.  I took one look and almost fell out of my chair.

Kiddo had drawn a bunch of the Veggie Tales characters - not unlike him as we are pretty Veggie Tales obsessed right now. The problem was...he drew them all, um, uh...

passing gas.

Oh yes! He is all boy, that one.


Each character had a lovely expression on their face and a cloud emerging from their back end with the word "pfffft" written inside. And as Kiddo roared with laughter and giggled so much he teared up a little, I frantically scoured my brain for an idea on how to fix this atrocity.

I came up with a plan. I cut up several pieces of colored construction paper into little geometrical shapes and instructed Kiddo to create a paper mosaic with the pieces; thereby completely covering up his "artwork". Thankfully he agreed and worked on it for a bit before bed. He will finish it up today after school.

Thank goodness for layers. ;)

D :)


Barb said...

Did you take a before picture? :O)

Jennifer said...

We have the same delight with gas around here too...only problem is that I have 2 GIRLS! Oy-vey

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