Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Treat Me Right

We had a great Halloween! Despite it being on a Sunday, I think it worked out pretty well. Our pumpkins were designed by Kiddo this year.  He drew the faces he wanted and Hubby carved them for him.  They are very Veggie-Tales-esque. The one on the left is the spitting image of the Peas in those cartoons.
For the second year in a row we were invited to hang out with Julia and her family in their neighborhood.  They always do up Halloween in a big way - the majority of the houses on her street and on the surrounding streets go all out with decorations and candy, and several even set up barbecue pits and big screen TVs and make it a block party.  One of the neighbors sets up a little kid friendly haunted house in his garage every year, and it is the hit of the block!

We were so thankful to have a fun, safe place to go where the kids could hang out with their friend.  Kiddo and 2 of his buddies showed up in the exact same costume! We were overrun with Darth Vaders. lol!

 Kiddo's old Dash costume fit Port perfectly, so that was his "choice" for this year.  Poor guy, he may never get an original costume while his brother's old one still fit him. Thankfully, at this age, he doesn't care.
 There was a little light saber fighting between the forces of good and evil...

 Here is our whole crew setting out to trick-or-treat.  We had a pretty good sized group this year.

 One of Julia's neighbors dressed as Facebook! I loved her costume! Or should I say, I "like" her costume! ;)

Kiddo of course was an old pro at the trick-or-treating part, but it was quite humorous that at every house he would boldly announce that he was allergic to peanuts.  A couple of times I saw him pull back his bucket when someone tried to put a Snickers or other nut product in it.  While I am very proud of him for being verbal about it, it was a bit embarrassing that he was making such a big fuss about it. I kept telling him to just accept what he was given, say thank you, and then when we were done we would trade out with our friends that could have the peanut candy.  But he insisted on telling every single person that he couldn't have peanuts and he would ask for something that was peanut free. 

I have to say it made me proud.

Port was a little hesitant at first to go up to strangers and get the candy, but after a few houses he was doing great.  He would very cautiously approach and then just stand there in silence.  Then he would sometimes whisper a thank you before cautiously walking away.  At times I couldn't get him to let go of my hand to go up to the house.  I think next year will be a good one for him when he finally understands what it is all about.

We made the rounds and made it home before bedtime (yes!).  The boys were exhausted and completely zonked out before I even made it back to the living room after putting them to bed.

Sadly, Hubby stayed home to hand out candy to the kids that came by our house, and he only had about 4 visitors. Our was the only house on the street with the lights on, so not many even ventured up our street. So pitiful!  Now I am left with all this candy and I have no idea what to do with it. I certainly can't eat it all so I may just send it to work with Hubby. I know it will get eaten there.

Hope you all had a wonderful night of spooks and fun. Now it's time to bring on the official Holiday Season! I am pulling out the Christmas music! Woo hoo!!!

D :)

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My Captivating Images said...

I feel you on the candy overload! We have about 5 lbs here fom going to 3 different trunk or treats at churches. We will never eat it all. Oh and kudos to your hubby for being so selfless!

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