Friday, November 19, 2010

In Person

I am here in the Dallas hanging out with one of my oldest and dearest friends and her family.  We see each other so rarely, that it feels like I can't get words out fast enough to talk about all I want to with the time we have together.

I am not a phone person. I mean, I will talk on the phone all day if I am able, but it takes a lot for me to get up the nerve to actually call someone.

So face time to me is priceless.  Sitting across the table from someone, or next to them in the car, or together on their couch - it is my favorite time with friends. 

And so I will soak it up while it lasts.  Hope you have a great weekend!

D :)

1 comment:

My Captivating Images said...

I hope you enjoy your time together! I am not a phone person either. Alot of my conversations with friends are texts. :) That way they can reply at their convenience.

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