Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Know Why | NaBloPoMo day 16

The area that I live in is seeing a lot of new development right now. What used to be a cow town on the outskirts of a major city is turning into a pretty bustling, modern-ish town. And near my house there are new neighborhoods going up right and left. What that means for most of the area is that the acres and acres of trees that were once there are now gone, and nice new homes with nice new streets are taking over.

Diving over to a friend's house today, I noticed that the majority of the property on one particular street I drive regularly is for sale. The old homesteads, old businesses and empty lots are all for sale, most likely to be bought by some retail corporation so a new shopping facility can go in. All of it is zoned for commercial use now, so I am sure in the next 5-10 year we will be surrounded by places to shop.

Sprinkled in between all of these older properties are new subdivisions. I was driving along and looking at the new houses, all grand and modern. But what I found myself doing, more often than not, was looking even harder at the old properties.  The old houses - and ooh that one has a detached garage or an old barn and that one has an old horse stable...I was more intrigued and "dreaming about buying" the older properties that had so much more character. Those are the types of property I can work with! I can see myself holding photo sessions in the old barns, building a studio in the huge workshops and working the land so that I can make my very own little photography oasis.

I think my heart will always long for the old farm house on the big chunk of land that has more character than any custom built home could ever have. New and modern and subdivided is nice, neat and for the most part, worry free, but I guess I am just more of a country girl.

D :)

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