Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miss You | NaBloPoMo day 13

After a weekend of hotel bliss (a bed to myself with extra fluffy pillows and no one to wake me with requests for cereal and "playing trains"? yes, please!) we came home today with tired minds but many accomplishments.  After dropping Kim off at her home, I drove to mine. Hubby had spent the weekend finally teaching Kiddo how to ride a bike and when I drove up they were practicing in the driveway. Port was riding his tricycle around in circles with his brother, and when he saw me pull up his little face broke into a huge grin. He hopped off his bike, and in one of those totally unreal sappy tv commercial moments he ran to me at full speed, arms wide open, screaming "Mummai! Mummai!".  I jumped out of the car and ran toward him and when we met I scooped him into my arms and he threw his arms around me and buried his face in my neck.  He was laughing and crying and so excited to see me - and I realized how much I had missed him. He is such a special little guy. Kiddo was too busy trying to show off his new bike skills that he didn't really greet me before he wanted me to watch him ride. I enjoyed spending some time with everyone in the driveway - the weather was perfect.

It was so good to get away. I do hope I have more opportunities to do it again in the future, but, today it feels great to be home.

D :)

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