Friday, February 02, 2007

Sometimes It Be That Way

There is a twist-tie in my shower. Every day I look at it and think, "I need to take that out and throw it away" and every day by the time I get out of the shower I've forgotten all about it. It's been there about a week I guess. How did it get there you ask? Well I'll tell you.

One day I was in the shower and Kiddo decided he was hungry. The child cannot adhere to an eating schedule and knows exactly how to get into the pantry, cupboards, the refrigerator, etc. So there I was in the shower, enjoying the steam and the bathroom door opens. "Mommy, bread? Mommy, bread?" and he toddles in with a loaf of bread about as tall as he is. Being a good and dutiful Mommy (and really wanting him to close the door because he was letting out all my wonderful steam) I stepped one foot out of the shower and opened the bag of bread. He ran off before I could close it back up and so I was left holding the twist-tie.

My entire house is full of forgotten twist-ties. Not the actual item, but things I see and think I should do something about and then quickly forget. Maybe I am just forgetful, but I think it has to do with the dreaded Mommy Multitasking. You know how it is, your cooking dinner and loading the dishwasher and filling up a bowl of water in the sink while you change a diaper, then stop by the washer on the way back to the kitchen to throw in another load and empty the dryer, but then you leave the clean clothes in the hall so you can sprint into the living room and rescue the dog being chased by the boy who has spilled juice all over the carpet, so you go get a towel and notice the mail sitting on the table and remember you have to pay that bill today, oh yes and the mortgage too so you go get the check book and walk past the sink that is now overflowing, you stop the water - see where this is going?

That is why I love my shower. For the most part, I can trust Kiddo to occupy himself for 20 minutes or so while I shower. Sometimes he comes in the bathroom with me and will play in front of the mirror or try to talk to me through the glass, but mostly I can shower in relative peace. I absolutely hate it though when he comes in and out the entire time. I am very cold natured, so showers must be HOT and the room must be warm as well. Nothing irks me more than getting the bathroom nice and warm and steamy and someone opening the door. Anyway, in the shower I have no need to multitask. I have my routine of course, but usually I can squeeze in a minute or so of just letting the water pour over me. I can think, I can cry, I can laugh or I can just zone out. It is nice.

The twist-tie, like everything else, will still be there tomorrow.
D :)


Rachel Anne said...

I'm with you on the hot shower and precious steam. Oh, the deliciousness. I took showers WITH my toddler for a long time, just so he could be happy while I got clean. (hopefully didn't scar him for life) so I had tub toys strewn about my feet. Hey, whatever kept him occupied while I got my shower in!!

ImBlessed2x said...

We have twist ties everywhere too. But, ours are appropriately dubbed razor blades as they cause everyone to scream with horror that they are laying around for the children to pick up... but yet continue to stay on the floor!

karrie said...

This is great!

'Twist-ties' everywhere here as well.

kassie said...

LOL! I am always getting bitched at for throwing out the twist tie! " The bread is going to be stale!" I actually used one once though to fix a broken necklace at the last minute.

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