Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

Another dang clog... I thought this whole pumping thing was supposed to get easier?? *sigh*

I do not know what is in the air right now, but my allergies have been killing me. The roof of my mouth and my inner ear has been itching unmercifully for 3 days now. I really don't want to take anything if I can help it - meds dry up my milk supply so quickly. It hasn't been this bad for me since we lived in Arizona. I wonder what is in the air...

So, a couple of weeks ago I FINALLY got around to putting away this bag of stuff left out from Kiddo's birthday party. The party that was a month ago. Yes, I know. Anyway, it was a bag of gift bags - you know we frugal mommas save that kind of thing. At the party we folded everything up and put all the bags in a bigger bag and when we got back from Houston the big bag ended up in my hallway.

And there it sat for a month.

I told you I have a problem.

So as I was saying, I finally got around to putting it away. Actually, I was going to just toss it in the garbage because I was so sick of looking at it. But, I had one of those moments that made me put it away like I should, because the bags are really in good shape and I can most definitely use them again. So I pulled each one out one by one, inspected it and then put it in my official "bag bag" in the closet. And soon enough, I was at the bottom of the bag.

Where is this story going you ask?

Well, at the bottom of the bag was what looked like a piece of folded heavy, glossy paper. I could see a picture of a race car driver on it. I fished it out and took a look.

It was a $50 gas gift card.


Right off the bat I thanked God for my pack-rat tendencies.

The thing is - I don't know who put it in there and I don't know if it was a sneaky gift or an accident. It kind of looks like it may have rolled around in some one's purse for a while - the packaging is kind of worn. But I looked it up online and the balance is $50 so I know it hasn't been used.

So now I don't know if I should use it or not. If it was a mistake I need to send it back. If it was a gift I would like to know who put it in there so I can say thank you. I asked one of my friends (who has been known to be sneaky like that) and she said it wasn't her. I guess I could send out an email or something.

So, if you are reading this and you were at the party, and you either saw who was or were personally responsible, please let me know? I need to either send it back to you (or whoever it was) or hug your neck.

Thank you!
D :)

"Surprise, Surprise" Celine Dion (incidentally this song was written and produced by the new judge on American Idol, Kara DioGuardi)

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TitanKT said...

Dawn, to answer your question, Michael's birthday is 9/21 and mine is 9/22. When I had him, I had a c/s and the next day in the hospital, the nurses were bringing him to me and I mentioned what a great bday present he was and later they brought me a little cake with candles and sang and everything. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? I was just knocked out. And it was a VERY delicious cake, too. I seem to recall we ate every scrap of it and didn't even have to worry about taking it home.

Anyway, stay tuned because sometime next week I'll post pics of our weekend in Corpus which starts tomorrow. Yee HEE!!!!

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