Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Don't Count the Cost

My dishwasher decided to give up the ghost again. *sigh* Oh well, I already wash bottles a million times a day, what's a few more dishes??

So, with the exception of the dishwasher woes, I'm having a pretty good weekend here. Kiddo and Hubby drove to Houston last night and today went with Happy to Louisiana to see Hubby's Grammaw. Port and I have been living it up single and partying till the wee hours...uh not really. Port has been really good. It is so funny though, he has been looking for Kiddo all day. Every time I pick him up he looks over my shoulder in each direction looking for something. We decided to venture to Costco today (Lord help me). I was talking to him and mentioned Kiddo and his little eyes brightened up and he got all excited. It was so sweet. Tonight I was carrying him into my room and he spotted a picture of Kiddo on the book shelf. He kept leaning toward it and reaching for it. I can't wait to see what he does when they get back tomorrow.

Costco was interesting to say the least. I purchased the membership just before we went on vacation, but had yet to set foot in the store. I figured since I had only one kid today I could probably manage a trip out today. The place was packed (as I suspected it would be on a Saturday). We did manage to snag some meat and a few sundries, but I still ended up spending 100 smackers. Oh well, I got salmon and pork at a really good price so I am happy. I was trying to figure out the etiquette of the store, but it appears there really isn't one. People were not polite, they left their carts in the worst places and they had no problems getting in your way or running you over. I had to learn to drive my shopping cart defensively. lol!

Tonight I picked up some really bad Chinese food and watched 3/4 of the greatest movie of all time, When Harry Met Sally. Port got a kick out of me singing the songs and saying the lines with the characters. He thought it was hysterical. He also got a kick out of my Lo Mein noodles! He has had a bit of a stuffy nose today, so he keeps snorting when he laughs - it is so cute!!! [note: sorry it's so dark. the first snorts are from me trying to get him to laugh]

Port has started "talking" a lot as well. He does this pretty much all day now...

Unless of course I have a camera on him. It took me three tries to get it caught on tape!

Well it's late and I should be getting to bed.


D :)


Vick said...

He's adorable!! Love the snorts :)

How sweet that he misses Kiddo ... Miss O is the same way, but I think she secretly enjoys not having her toys taken and not being sat on when Bean's away!

Jen said...

Oh Lily talks just like him! Cute. I love it. Port sure sits good! Such a cutie pie.

TitanKT said...

Super cute! He is very serious when he talks. He's saying something profound, I just know it.

Are his bottom teeth coming in?

Julia said...

The videos are priceless. :-) I love Costco. Where else (besides Sam's Club) can you buy 20 lbs of mayonnaise in one container? Not sure if you have looked into the Costco Amex card, but the Amex and Costco fee are one and the same. Plus it has a 3-2-1 rebate (3% travel, 2% dining, 1% all else). I'm not a big credit card user, but this one has saved us money.

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