Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calendar Girl

I should have gone back to bed when I realized that within the first hour of being woken up I not only had the pleasure of cleaning up 2 blow out diapers, but I was spit up on 3 times. And I'm not talking about your typical blow out or your typical spit up. I am talking about a blow out that migrates all over everything, including the changing table, his clothes, my clothes, the back of my hand and various other places that you don't discover until 10 or 15 minutes later. I am talking about the kind of spit up that travels all the way down your arm and his arm and gets in between his fingers and splats on the floor, but not before it hides in all the creases and folds of your clothes, so that when you sit down 20 minutes later you rest your hand on your thigh and discover another "spot". The kind that is just the right temperature that you don't even feel it run down your arm, and only notice it because you left a slime trail on the arm of your chair.

Grossed out yet?


So after SO MUCH FUN this morning, I of course was looking forward to nap time because I am so behind on things I can't even see straight. Plus I desperately needed a shower. He went down in the swing and I jumped in the shower - emerging a mere 15 minutes later to hear the dog go ballistic over the garbage men outside in the street. Of course, she woke the beast and the day just kept getting better. Nap time rolled around again and just as I got him asleep Kiddo decided he wants to trap the cat in his room so he slams his door.

At 2:00 I decided it was time for a Sonic run.

An Oreo Blast does the body good.

I returned home with Port asleep in the car seat and had just enough time to call the Sears repair center to schedule an appointment for my dumb dishwasher. Of course the girl had no clue what I was talking about when I described what was wrong - so I am certain that there will be a long wait for ordered parts in my future. AND - they STILL did not have my information in their system, even after going around and around with them the last time I called, and even still after my mother called and supposedly got everything straightened out. GRRR!!!!! So this time I Had to go around and around again with her name and address and phone and my name and address and phone and alternate phone and county and am I sure it was purchased at Sears because how the heck do we have a Louisiana address tied to a unit in TX????


As you can see I am a bit frustrated. They are coming next Tuesday. If I lived in Louisiana they would have been out Friday.

Double GAH!

And of course this is all on top of Port waking up at 4:30 and not going back to sleep until I gave up and took him to the couch. Then when Hubby got up for work we moved back to my bed where I got no sleep whatsoever.

But there is a light at the end of my tunnel today - I have been having trouble all month; getting confused about the days and for some reason thinking that there are more days this month than there should be. Well today I finally figured it out:

This is my calendar; the one that hangs in my kitchen, the one I glance at about 20 times a day and the one I use to write all of our appointments on. Basically it is what runs my life. Notice anything funny?? What the?????? No wonder I've been confused.



D :)


Mollie said...

Oh my! Is it the wrong year?? LOL

Jen said...

Auh yes, the perfect temperature of spit up. Been there =)

Vick said...

Love the calendar!

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