Thursday, September 04, 2008

Where Are You Now

I'm gonna blog today. I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna!

Man, I have been so bad at this lately. And it's weird because it is not that I don't have anything to talk about - the reality is I have SO MANY things to blog about that my brain is clogged and nothing is coming through. I still need to finish the vacation series, I have a post about my morning in Huntsville in my old church and so much more.... I am sorry I haven't been a good bloggy friend lately.

Yesterday was Kiddo's 4 year check. He was supposed to have it last week, but he and Port both caught colds so we postponed it to yesterday. Kiddo did so well - I am so very proud of him. He weighs 43 lbs (95%) and is 42 inches tall (85%). He got 3 vaccinations and didn't cry or anything. He is really good about things if I prep him right before and tell him what to expect. He whined a bit and flinched when he was being injected, but would still answer questions and smiled all through it. He is such a big, brave boy. I am so proud of him.

Didn't I say that already? Well, it is worth repeating.

Kiddo has suddenly started drawing "scenes" in addition to his detailed figures and objects. It is so fascinating to me - the kid has more artistic ability at 4 than I ever have had in my whole life. Yesterday he drew a picture of himself and a friend on a see-saw. There was clearly two boys with arms and legs and faces and bodies on a detailed see-saw with a sun in the sky. On the way to the doctor's office he drew himself lying on the exam table and the doctor standing next to him. It was awesome. I wish I could have taken a picture but he drew both scenes on one of those erasable magnetic boards - which made the fact the drawings were so detailed even more incredible to me.

And yesterday was significant because little Port turned 5 months old.

5 months. Has it been that long already? That is almost half a year!!!

I am still pumping between 5 and 6 times a day. He is suddenly eating way more than I can produce again. It happened overnight. For the past few days I have been supplementing with about 8 oz formula and 2 feedings of rice cereal. And the boy is still hungry.

Yes, I started cereal again. I know I said I was going to wait till 6 months, but the kid is just so miserable watching us eat. He LOVES cereal, regular cooked rice, oatmeal, puffs; anything I will give him. For now he is only getting tastes of other things, but I am ok with the cereal for now. Of course his eczema is flaring again, but I'm not entirely sure it is from the cereal - more likely from something I am eating.

He is sitting up very well now and he has also started to spit. He thinks that is hilarious. Me, not so much. ;)

And yesterday was significant because I officially hit being only 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have lost 14 pounds in the last 7 weeks! My size 6 jeans fit again (loosely! woo hoo!) and I am feeling so much better. Now if I could only get the skin to shrink as fast as everything else...

I owe the weight loss completely to breastfeeding. I don't exercise at all right now. My diet has been pretty poor lately, especially this last week since I caught the boys' cold too. My throat is raw and water and salad is so unappealing right now. I have been indulging far too much on sweets lately and I still lost a pound this week. Go figure.

My current obsession right now is Facebook. *sigh* Babycenter (where I spend most of my days chatting with a fantastic group of August '04 moms) is switching to a new format and no one likes it, so everyone is scattering to different corners of the Internet universe and a bunch of us have gathered at Facebook. It is fun and soooo addicting over there. I have got to get off that site! lol!

And, I am gearing up for the holiday photography season! I am so excited; please pray that I will be super busy! This is my favorite time of year. I have a mini-session weekend set up and full session dates available. I have ordered some promotional post cards (can't wait to get those) and have also ordered some amazing prints for a display in the doctor's office. I am so excited to see what comes of it. One of my favorite things about my business is that I get to start thinking about the holidays in September! I am soooo ready!

So, that is the quick update I guess. I swear I will try to get back into the blogging habit again. I miss you all.

D :)

"Where Are You Now" Jimmy Harnen with Synch

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Barb said...

Your favorite new addiction is mine too!! I know what you mean about not believing how big these boys of ours are getting.

W has finally decided that food rocks! He had some meatloaf tonight. He was screaming until I gave him the smallest piece and then sucked it up like a vacuum cleaner!!

Kiddo is a smidge heavier than E but right about the same height. So I can imagine the two of them scheming together!

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