Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well, it is November 1st my friends so


What is NABLOPOMO you say?

It is National Blog Posting Month.

Participants of NABLOPOMO join and strive to post on their blogs once a day for the month of November.

I participate every year, and this year will be no different. I am excited for the challenge. :)

I have been visiting the NaBloPoMo site and randomly friending people in the groups that I am in so that I can find some new blogs to read this month. Some of my favs in my sidebar have slowed down or stopped blogging all together and I am in desperate need of new reads. So, if you got a friend request from me, never fear, it is just because I liked the looks of your blog. ;)


In other news, yesterday was a full and wonderful day!

I am not typically the kind of person that likes to do more than one big thing a day - it just stresses me out too much. But yesterday we had a lot planned. We got up early and had a garage sale. It was so cold that my hands felt like they were going to break as we were taking out all the stuff to line up in the driveway. Thankfully though, we sold off some things, made about $75 and cleared out a huge space in the garage.

After our sale was over, we loaded up all the remaining items into the van and hauled them off to Goodwill. We took a load of books over to Half Price Books and made a few bucks there too. A few of the more valuable items were saved and will be listed on Craigslist this week. Over all, I think it was a pretty successful event.

Midday, Hubby went over to a huge car show in town and he thinks he acquired some good leads for photo sessions.

That evening, we all dressed up (well, Hubby didn't, but I did) and took the kids over to a friend's house for a Halloween party.
{my cutie patootie Classic Batman, baby Port edition}
{he refused to wear the cape and mask}

{Kiddo's Batman the Dark Night with his vulnerable look}

{his "super hero" pose, clenched fists and all}

{releasing the mighty wind, stinky enough to bring down the toughest foe}

There were a ton of kids, including Kiddo's favorite gal pal, WordGirl,and tons of food.

We had a great time trick-or-treating in their neighborhood - almost every house in a 5 block radius had tables and chairs set up in the driveway, decorations all over and friendly smiles. It was awesome. Kiddo and WordGirl were inseparable,

so Hubby kept up with them and the majority of the folks from the party while I chased Port down the street. Seriously, the kid would not stop running.

He wouldn't go to the houses and get candy (I guess he's still to little for that) so he would just cruise on down the sidewalk.
{"baby batman!! come here batman! want some candy??"}

Thankfully some of our friends who were also at the party enjoyed the faster pace, so I tried to keep Port going with them.
{Pretty Kitty, MuMo Kim}

Every time he got too far ahead, I would squat down and have him run back to hug me. It was pretty cute (and of course, I was totally digging my sweet baby hugs!).

At one point, I asked him for a kiss, and instead of the usual offering of a cheek, my baby planted a full on puckered mouth kiss right on my mouth! It was a little slobbery, but oh how I loved it! He rarely ever offers up real kisses. I got another kiss later on in the evening as well. I guess he was trying to tell me he had a good time!

We eventually made our way back to the party house and hung out in the driveway for a while. The big screen was out on the lawn with the UT game on and neighbors had put up a huge bouncy house for all the kids. They also pulled out fire pits for a big block party s'more roast.

I totally want to move to that neighborhood.

We came home completely exhausted but in good humor and all of us collapsed in our respective beds. It was such a great day.

Many thanks to our sweet hosts and to everyone who participated in the evening. It was great to see you all again!

D :)


Julia said...

Adorable pictures! My neighborhood goes a little bit nuts for Halloween, doesn't it? You should see some of the crazy Christmas decor that is just busting out of the attics, waiting to come out. :-)

kimberly said...

Great Photos! It was a good time wasn't it. I wonder if we could both find houses there.?.

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