Monday, April 05, 2010


Happy Monday all!

Today I took the boys out for a spur of the moment session in the bluebonnets. I wanted to check out a spot I found last week, so we stopped in at Walmart, bought 2 white shirts and headed over. It was difficult to do a session with them by myself; it is always easier to have someone else be the baby wrangler. But, I think I got a couple of good images.This is the beginning of a very busy week for me. I found out last week that the twin momma I have been in touch with about doing a newborn session gave birth and on Friday she went home with 2 brand spankin' new (as Kiddo would say) baby boys!! I am so excited and happy for her; it seems everything went really well. So, I get to go into Houston this week and do a twin newborn session for her. I am beyond excited! I love newborn sessions!!

I should be back by Thursday, and then this weekend I am shooting a wedding in Wimberly. I am so excited and nervous and anxious about that - it is a very big deal for me. I hope that my planning and preparation calms my nerves some. Thankfully I have an awesome assistant coming with me, the fabulous Jen of Jen Barnes Photo. I can't wait to work with her again! She assisted me on my last senior session and was so great!

So the wedding is on Saturday and then I have a family session on Sunday. Then a senior session the next week and Bluebonnet Mini Sessions on the next Saturday! Whew! Then on the 18th I will collapse in a heap and sleep for a few days. After that I will be strapped to the computer forever. ;-)

And somewhere in there I have to find time to finish my taxes. boo.

The twin session is on Wednesday morning and I need an assistant. Anyone in the Houston area free to come with me? All you have to do is help me with blankets and baby sculpting (lol!). Desirable abilities include being quick with baby wipes, the ability to fold large numbers of blankets quickly, to remember which items have been um, blessed and if you are good at swaddling, I might even take you to lunch! Please send your resume to me via email. Thank you.

hee hee!

Seriously, I do need some help if someone is free. And I really will buy you lunch after. Email call or text me please!

And, of course, it is Gratitude Monday!
Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for so much!
  • My family that came to see us this weekend and celebrate the baby's birthday (the blog post is coming, I promise!)
  • my business and upcoming sessions
  • great friends, near and far, and for the possibility of future BFFs *wink*
  • for the rainy days that bring out the growth of mushrooms in my garden - I hate digging those suckers up, but the veggies are loving the moist weather
  • for the garden; the dirt I can dig in, the carrots Kiddo loves to pull every day and the promise of good, organic food for our bellies
  • for the projects I am involved in - they keep me sane when there are days that I feel like nothing more than a crappy mom.
  • and for my readers; I am gaining more every week! welcome to all of you!
Join in and let me know what you are thankful for!

D :)

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