Monday, April 19, 2010


And another thing...

I know, I seem to have a lot to say today. Sorry for spamming your news feed and inbox.

I feel so unhealthy right now! I need to do a huge detox. All I am craving is vegetables and water. Yet, I keep eating all this junk in the house because I am too cheap to let leftovers go bad or throw them away. We can't afford to waste food around here - and I haven't exactly been cooking light and healthy lately for some reason. A lot of it is because Port is such a picky eater, so instead of cooking 2 different things for us at dinner, I am trying to make more things that he might eat.

But that means a lot of leftovers I normally won't touch - unless I am faced with throwing them away.

So I haven't been eating very well lately.

The good thing is, I haven't gained any weight, but things seem to have maybe redistributed a bit around my waist? Or perhaps I am just bloated. Whatever the case, I feel yucky and my pants are too tight. ugh

So today I am drinking a ton of water and am going back to my lunch salad. I miss them anyway. Plus, I am getting a lot of lettuce and some spinach from the garden, so I need to eat it before it goes bad too.

I did pretty well; even had a nice, lighter dinner of salmon with a teriyaki veggie medley over rice. That's my kind of fresh, light meal.

Of course, I had to go and ruin it by eating a brownie late last night. But, in my defense, it was offered to me while I was at Kim's house. I couldn't be rude and turn it down. ;-)

And it was goooood.


Today is my sweet friend, Carrie's birthday. Happy birthday Carrie! I miss you so much! I wish there was a way I could to see you.

Hope you had a wonderful day!

D :)

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