Sunday, April 04, 2010

Two Is Better Than One

Yesterday my baby turned 2.


It is just going by far too fast for my liking.

My Dearest Port,

Yesterday was your second birthday. The night before both sets of grandparents came to town to see you and we all went out for an early dinner. You did really well, and it was a pleasant afternoon. You were so happy to see everyone! At dinner you kept repeating what everyone said. You learned a new word from Happy, "shuckaroonies". It was adorable listening to you say it over and over. You also told a few knock-knock jokes, and instead of ending one and going right to the next, you turned to me and asked "wus dah uh nee slah pur?" (was that a knee-slapper?) I had to pick my jaw up off the table! After we finished eating Daddy and Happy left so Daddy could do a photo shoot and the rest of us went over to Ikea to pick up your new bed. Your grandparents bought you (and your brother) a set of bunk beds. We brought them home and then visited with everyone until bed time.

When you woke yesterday morning, you were in the best mood, and instantly you started asking for your grandparents by name. In the past 48 hours, your speech has taken off like a wild fire, and I have watched in amazement as you went from barely saying anything we could understand to speaking in short, identifiable sentences and repeating almost anything any one else has said. It's as if you have been storing all these words inside and just waited patiently for everyone to be here before letting them out! You decided for some weird reason that you were not going to wear a shirt, and you stayed that way all day long.

Mommy, as usual, made a ton of food for your party. I made a wonderful pasta dish, a beautiful salad, rolls, guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, apple dip, German chocolate cake pops and of course, a cake for you. Your brother picked strawberry cake for you this year and while I hesitated at serving you a pink cake for your birthday, it was still a hit. You loved seeing the candle lit and hearing everyone sing. You sang along with us and clapped and cheered when the song was over. You enjoyed the cake but really, really loved the cake pops! I couldn't keep you out of them.

We played in the yard, checked out the garden with everyone and visited all day long. Aunt Addie and Uncle Wes drove in from Arlington and we were so happy to have them here! You flirted with Aunt Addie a lot.

You love pretty girls, and you will talk to anyone as long as you know Mumma is right there with you. You are independent and strong willed and very, very adamant when you want something. You can make me crazy at times because it is so hard to refuse you, and just when I think you have given up, you flash me a charming grin that melts my momma insides and make me give in almost every time. You have me wrapped around your little dirty, sticky fingers, baby boy.

You hate diaper changes because you think I am going to put you to bed after every single one. Nap times are hit and miss these days - you can make it without one, but it makes bed time a nightmare. Bedtime is a nightmare anyway, but if you've had a nap you are in a much better mood leading up to the actual getting into bed. You used to sleep so well, but lately you have been waking me up almost every night with your screaming. Your first night under the bunk bed in Kiddo's room (we left the bottom bunk off and put your crib in there) you woke and played in the middle of the night (according to your brother). I suppose that is better than the screaming you were doing, but baby, you need more sleep. Trust me on this, you will miss being able to sleep all you want when you are older.

You have a serious sweet tooth, and if you know something sweet is in the house you will pester me relentlessly until I get it for you. You still love eating frozen waffles frozen, and you live off of those and chicken dogs. You are a terribly picky eater, but a lot of times I can get you to try something if it is on my plate. You seem to like what everyone else is eating better than your own food.

You and Kiddo get along pretty well . You do argue a lot, but there is also a lot of love and adoration there, and I love it when the two of you get in loving moods. When you are sweet to each other, it is the most amazing thing ever. Often you will sit together on the couch or on the floor and share a snack. When I catch you two hanging out sometimes it makes me cry.

You like to get into my make up and lotion and put them on. And you love books. You aren't too interested in being read to, just looking at the pictures and saying the names of what you see. You have started to finally show an interest in drawing, so Big Brother bought you a magna-doodle for your birthday. I am hoping having one of your own will keep you from fighting with Kiddo over his.
You want to be just like your brother these days. If he has cereal in a big bowl, you have to have the same size bowl. If he drinks water out of the Ikea cups, you have to have one too. When I give you a sucker as a treat, you always ask me for a 2nd one and you bring it to your brother to share. You are really sweet like that some times.

Some things that haven't changed; you are still a rough and tumble baby - the more we rough house with you the more you like it. You love to swing high on the swings and you love it when I push you off kilter - the more you bounce and twist the better. You are so intense, and still make that clenched-jaw face with the adorable baby pro wrestler under-bite that shocks us and makes us laugh at the same time. When you are loving to me, you are intensely loving. You give me hard kisses (you grab my head and smash your little face into mine) and big big hugs.

Most days though, when you wake from a nap you need some cuddle time on the couch. It usually takes about 10 minutes of holding you and rubbing your back to fully wake you up.

One of your favorite phrases right now is "mumma, look!". But my favorite thing you say is "aww man!". It is just too cute the way you say it. You are growing so fast that I can't catch my breath. Every day I look at you and your hands and your face look more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. And I get excited and my heart breaks all at the same time.

I can't wait to see how you grow and mature. Just slow down a little bit, for Mumma, ok?

I love you Baby. Happy Birthday!


D :)

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