Monday, April 26, 2010

Kick A Little

Happy Monday my lovely blog readers!

It is Monday, my last week from heck is over and I am looking to this week with a positive attitude and a heart full of hope. It's the last week of the month so I am sure I am forgetting about something I should be doing, but I have faith that I will be able to get some work done this week anyway and still take care of the day to day.

I have 6 sessions to edit this week, lots of writing to do and various other projects are on my plate as well. It is a good kind of busy and I love it.

This morning the boys both slept late (Port until 7:45 and Kiddo till almost 9!) and woke up in a good mood. That always makes the day start so much better.

I think Kiddo may be having a growth spurt. He woke up again Saturday night and had an accident. The whole thing was pretty traumatic. Hubby was out with some friends downtown and I had some friends over at the house. The boys went to bed just fine but when Kiddo got up at midnight to go to the bathroom, he didn't make it. The bathroom door was pulled to (not completely closed) and I think in his half awake state he thought it was occupied. He went back to his room and couldn't hold it. The commotion from all of that woke up Port, and totally freaked him out. I had to hold and rock him for about 20 minutes before he calmed down. He cried for a couple of hours (off and on) after that.

So yeah, I had some friends over on Saturday! Yay me! Random things like that just don't happen around here. I had a great time. I really, really had to try hard to not cook up a storm and make all kinds of food (there were only 3 of us! lol!) and I think I did pretty good. I did make one pan of PW's rosemary rolls, but they didn't turn out very good to me. I used too much sea salt and at the last minute I added a pinch of garlic powder. The garlic was nice, but there was too much and that topped with the over abundance of sea salt made them really rich. Less is definitely more with those rolls, unless you are talking about the rosemary. Rosemary=goooood!

I had some cake balls in the freezer from when I made too many for Port's birthday party, so I pulled them out and put some chocolate in the fondue pot. It was fun dipping the cake balls fondue style.

The whole get together came from a mutual need between the three of us to have someone to talk to about all the dark and twisty stuff going on in our lives. I definitely need someone like that - non judgmental and understanding. And it was really nice having the girls over. I think if we make it a regular thing, eventually we will get over talking about the kids so much and really talk more about the things we need to get off our chests. Last week was really just a bad one for all of us. And if it hadn't been for Kiddo's accident, I think we might have talked all night. It was probably a good thing that it happened; since I had been up since 5AM I was starting to get pretty droopy by midnight.
Gratitude Monday
So today is Monday, which means I should take stock of some of the things I am grateful for.

This week I am reminded of:

1. friends. old and new, good and best - they are all very special to me and such a blessing
2. God's complete and perfect timing. I may ask for things right now, but He knows so much better how things should be and when He reveals His timing I am thankful for the reminder that He is always faithful. I wonder why I worry and fret so much, because it always works out in the end.
3. My Kiddo. He is driving me crazy these days, but I was reminded last night that kindergarten registration is next week, and the thought of him going to school is breaking my heart. Of course, he wants to start tomorrow...I am not sure I can take it.
4. Hubby's motorcycle. Last week we were without the CRV for a few days and I was so thankful that we have the bike to fall back on if we are down a vehicle. Hubby was miserable riding in the rain a mist, but it was very nice to know I had my car available if I needed it.
5. My Hubby. He drives me nuts sometimes, but I am so thankful for him. I need to tell him that more.

Are you grateful for something and want to share? Grab the button and link up in the comments. I would love to see your list.

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D :)


TitanKT said...

I'm grateful for you, Dawn. And that you write a blog that I enjoy reading.

I'm grateful for many other things as well, but I just wanted you to know that I count you among the things I'm grateful for.

Anonymous said...
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