Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I did so well keeping up with the blog in March, now here it is mid April and I've only posted a couple of times.

I am so sorry. I am here, just very busy as usual.

Port had his two year check up today, and he did amazingly well. Normally a Dr.'s visit is a marathon scream-fest, but today was sooo different. He did start the torture scream when the nurse weighed and measured his height (cuz you know, standing in one spot while NO ONE touches you is just pure torture! lol). Then when in the room he just went completely silent. When the doctor came in he just sat there, staring. He would give high fives, but that is it. Even when he got his shot, he whimpered as he was being poked and then clapped and said "yay!" when I told him it was all done. What a trooper!

I was very proud of him. He is still 75% for height and has gone down to 90% for weight. I think he's about 36 inches and 31 pounds. Or maybe it's the opposite. I can't remember.

This past week has been a whilrwind. The Monday after the weekend of Port's birthday party and Easter, I got a call from my mommy client in Houston telling me that her twins had arrived and she was ready for me to come out to do pictures. So on Tuesday I packed up the boys and hauled them to Houston. I did the session Wednesday morning and headed back to home on Thursday morning. It was a bit of a crazy trip.

Saturday morning I did a photo session for Julia's family and then the rest of the day Saturday I was in Wimberly shooting a wedding. Thankfully I had the fabulous Jen Barnes with me assisting, and since we are friends it was even better spending the day working with her. Julia's session was originally planned for Sunday morning, and I am so glad we moved it last minute because after that wedding Saturday night, Sunday morning I could barely move! I was in pain!

So, I now have 4 sessions in the editing cue, and the wedding alone has over 2000 images to sort through. I am going to be strapped to the computer forever.

The fun part was that I had to rent some lenses for the wedding, so on Friday I picked up an 85mm 1.8, a 35-70mm 2.8 and a 60mm 1.8 macro. I was able to use them for Julia's session in the morning and of course again at the wedding. It was sooooo nice to be shooting with great glass (even if it had seen batter days). It was difficult for me to return them on Sunday afternoon. I keep trying to think of ways to justify renting them again. ;-) Especially if I can get images like this.

A little practice shot of my dirty, scratched up wedding ring...Bluebonnet session...Wedding stuff...
All of these images, except for the first one, can be seen bigger and better on my photography blog.

Hopefully I will be updating more regularly now. I have more sessions coming up, but they should be a bit more spread out.

And there is so much life to report.

D :)


TitanKT said...

EXCELLENT select focus... I especially like the bluebonnet, did you use a filter? It almost looks painted.

And the bride with boots? Totally Texas classic. You are awesome.

Dawn said...

Thank you Katy!
No, no filter, just a good punch of contrast in the post processing. I wanted to really bring out that one blossom. :)

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