Friday, June 29, 2007

CC - The Shower

I can't believe it is already Friday and I am still writing about last weekend. I promise the next two day's report will not be nearly as long. (I think) I will try not to bore you much more. Again, the endless details are really more for my memory (which seems to be fading fast) so I apologize if I am boring you with all of this. I will be back to normal posting soon.

So Saturday morning was the baby shower. The hostess' house was about 45 minutes from G&H's B&B, so my plan was to give myself an hour to drive, just in case. Well, in my usual fashion I left 10 minutes late, but still felt confident I could make it on time. However, 30 minutes into the drive I realized I would be a hair late, so I called R to see how far away she was from the hostess' house (you know, I needed a partner in crime!). She was running late too, so I felt better, especially when she told me that she had talked to N and she was also running late (to her own shower). Ahh, some things never change!

The exit I needed to take off the freeway was under construction, the road had about 4 different names and the one on the sign was not one of the ones I was looking for. So, I missed my exit. I went two more exits before I got off the freeway and turned around. The sign for my exit going the other direction had all of the street names on it! Grrrr! I weaved my way through the construction and traffic and eventually found the neighborhood I was looking for. My Google Maps directions were all wrong, but I eventually found the house.

The shower was lovely. We played a couple of silly games and ate lots of good food. N received lots of fabulous prizes, er, gifts and each one evoked oohs and ahhs. The kicker for me was a beautiful hand made quilt with the baby's name stitched into blocks in the pattern. It was simply beautiful and made me cry. See N, you weren't the only emotional one! This was by far the most beautiful moment of the shower though. I boo-hooed when I saw this on my LCD screen.
She is already such a natural. :)

Just before things started wrapping up, Happy called me to tell me my car was ready and that the dealer closed at 3. That meant I had to leave pronto. The dealer was a good hour away and the weather was not looking favorable. My sweet, wonderful friend C insisted on riding with me, bless her, and so she kept me company on the drive over. My head was pounding when we got in the loaner car; so much so that I choked down some migraine meds with a hot, canned Dr. Pepper I had grabbed that morning and forgotten about. It was gross!

The drive was so nice with C with me. I swear I could talk to that girl forever and never run out of things to say. She was probably glad to be rid of my blabber mouth when she went home! It is just so refreshing to see eye to eye on so many things with someone. She really gets me, she understands our situation and the feelings I have, and I don't feel like I have to sugar coat or hide anything with her. Man, I miss her.

Back to the story. The city the dealer is in is lovingly referred to as Stinkadina by many. A refinery town, you can smell it as soon as you cross the city limits. Even with the intermittent rain and drizzle that afternoon was no different. The stink slapped us upside the heads as soon as the interstate curved in it's direction. Pew! We rolled in to the dealer at exactly 5 minutes to 3. The parking lot was crawling, literally shoulder to shoulder with people. They were closing in 5 minutes??? Yeah, right! There were two sales guys running around like crazy folk and people hanging out in every possible place waiting. A guy about my age was standing in front with the cutest little girl. She must have been about 1, with a head full of blond curls and the biggest blue eyes. I almost started digging for a business card, then I realized I was about 4 1/2 hours from my home town. The entire time we were there, I kept catching this guy staring at me - it was kind of creepy.

After hanging out for a good 10 minutes I finally caught the attention of one of the triplets that owns the lot. Yes, I said triplets. I think they are identical, and man are they HOT! Sorry Honey. Anyway, he asked me if I needed help and I told him why I was there. It took him a minute to find the keys to the car, but quickly enough he did and as he handed them to me he said that I owed them $125. Yikes! I wasn't prepared for that. "Do you take credit?" I asked. I didn't have that kind of cash on me. Of course, his reply was no; but then he smiled and said "You look like an honest person, just send me a check". I think I melted a little. ;) It was a good thing he let me go, because no one was going to let me drive that Infinity off the lot. As soon as C and I vacated it, a swarm of people jumped in and were drooling all over it and dreaming of owning it. When we got back in my car, I pointed out the owner to C and mentioned he was a triplet. She kind of got wide eyed and said "oh, I thought he was just really fast!". She had been watching "him" zoom all over the lot with different people and what she was really watching were 3 brothers running around! Then C told me that she saw him checking me out. Whatever. He was not. No he wasn't. Shut up.

So..... we made the 30 minute drive back to the hotel so C could change clothes and freshen up a bit. I wasn't about to valet the car again, so I drove around until she was ready. We headed back to G&H's (another 30-45 minutes drive) so I could change clothes and then drove out to N's house (yet another 45 minute drive). Do you see why I am calling this series Cruise Control? LOTS of driving going on here. We finally got to N's house in time to visit a little before we headed out to dinner. N's hubby A (or shall I call you G? *wink*) recently took up photography as a hobby, so we talked shop for a little bit. It was awesome! I love talking shop! It was really fun to see his eyes light up when he talked about it. He is such a laid back kind of guy; it was nice seeing him get excited about something. I really enjoyed our brief chat.

We went to dinner at a local Chili's and then walked over to Starbucks after for coffee and more talking. We made plans to meet for lunch the next day, I took everyone back to N's house and we parted ways for the night. Just as I was climbing into my car, N said to me "Hey Dawn I just wanted to let you know I noticed you are almost out of gas". Story of my weekend I guess! ;)

Last instalment tomorrow - stay tuned, things end with a bang. Literally.


D :)


C. L. Fry said...

He-he... It's okay, I told you about the women the triplets employed (the sales weapons)... eye candy for all at Emmons! :-D

Carrie said...

I miss you too :) Have you checked your email yet? :)

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