Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ave Maria

Wow, is it really only Thursday? I feel like it should be the end of a very busy week. Hmm, well I guess it is really just the Thursday of a very busy week.

I have been busy, busy. As I stated in my previous post, one of our cars is yet again out of commission and even though Hubby has been able to ride the bike most days this week, only having one working vehicle just makes things all the more difficult. We somewhat hastily decided that maybe now was the time to look for a new-to-us car to replace one of our ailing modes and in true Hubby fashion he focused on nothing else for the past few days. To make matters more interesting, he elicited the help of Happy, and between the two of them they had found the vehicle for us in a matter of days. So, by weekend's end we should have our new-to-us vehicle sitting proudly in the driveway.

I had two photo shoots this week. Thankfully the one scheduled for Tuesday happened as planned and was absolutely wonderful! The little girl I had the pleasure of photographing was a dream; full of smiles and just a joy to be around. She had the most awesome attitude about the whole thing, and never once got upset at the heat or the constant clicking of that annoying black box in her face. My neighbor watched the Kiddo for me while on the shoot, and in return I watched her Kiddos for the rest of the day. Now THAT makes for a long, long day my friends. I don't know how you mommies of 3 or more do it. I bow down to your awesomeness.

Wednesday was a day of running errands and rest, and ended with a girl's night out complete with Kiddo and my friend's 4 year old daughter. Isn't GNO supposed to be kid free??? Ah well, it was still the highlight of my day. The kids behaved well and I got to eat out and enjoy adult conversation for an hour. Thank you K, for treating me to a nice dinner out.

And today was photo shoot number two. This one was like no other. My aforementioned dear friend K is now gainfully employed at what I consider to be a truly God given blessing of an organization, the Annunciation Maternity Home. K had asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested in donating my talents (aww shucks) to AMH to update their photographs for their website and information brochures. I wasn't exactly sure what would be involved, or really even exactly what the home was, but agreed to do it and headed out there this morning bright and early.

I have to say I am so amazed with this place. It is just a wonderful organization and after meeting the girls and the staff my heart warms at the thought of all the good they do.

I don't know what it is about photographing people. In day to day encounters I don't often recognize the beauty in the individuals I meet. But if I get them in front of my lens, I am consistently blown away at the beauty I see. Each one of the young women I photographed today was truly stunning, and they simply came alive with each click of the shutter. I saw the love they received at the home, the sense of knowing they had a warm bed and a safe haven. And in their eyes I could also see the wisdom that comes with being forced to grow up so young, the heartache and fear they once experienced, and my heart ached for them. But I left there with the knowledge that if there ever was a chance for them to be set back into the world with the tools and confidence they needed to really make it, they were going to be just fine. I knew that being in that facility was the absolute best thing for them, and they would be better, more productive individuals for it.

I couldn't wait to look at the images when I got home, and have been pouring over them again and again ever since. I hope my friend K is happy with my work, as I am so very thankful for hers.

D :)

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