Saturday, June 30, 2007

CC - The Big Bang

Since D wanted to be on the road headed back to her home by about 1pm Sunday, we decided to meet for an early lunch. C had a flight home scheduled for late afternoon, and I was taking her to the airport. D and C were to check out of the hotel downtown, and then they wanted to take a tour of the old neighborhood again. Since I had already done that with C a couple days before, I opted to meet everyone at the rondevou point. A couple of the girls had never met the Kiddo, so I brought him with me to the local Panera Bread Co.

We arrived first (*cough*on time*cough*) and I thankfully was able to entertain Kiddo with a coloring book and crackers until D and C got there (*cough*45 minutes late*cough*). N was running late too, and R didn't even know if she was going to make it at all. By noon everyone managed to make it, and R even brought my favorite little niece in the whole, wide world, the fabulous Miss M!

Hasn't she grown sooooo much since we last saw her? I know!

We all had a wonderful lunch, Kiddo flirted and entertained and even asked me if he could go to the potty - such a big boy showing off for all his new girlie friends! ;) Just before it was time to go, Kiddo did something; I think he either scratched his eye rubbing it or he rubbed some allergen into it that he picked up from the high chair. Whatever the case, his eye instantly turned red and began to swell. We were on our way out anyway, so when we got to the car I washed it out the best I could (with a paper towel and water from his sippy no less - just call me MacGyver). Once we said our goodbyes C and I took him to the nearby grocery store so I could get some benadryll.

Pictures from lunch:

After a leisurely stop at Target so C could look at some hair supplies, we went back to G&H's for a little while before heading out to the airport. When it was time to go, Kiddo, C and I loaded up in my car and headed out. There was still so much I wanted to talk to C about. So many questions to ask, so many topics yet uncovered. I had just begun telling her about Hubby's motorcycle trip and all the adventure he had. We were about 5 minutes from G&H's, driving along, and we stopped at a yield sign to wait for oncoming traffic to pass so we could turn on to the feeder road of the freeway we needed. I was telling her about Hubby and his friends being stranded in the dessert with no way back to civilization when BAM!!! we were hit from behind.

*sigh* My new-to-me car.

We pulled off into the Starbucks parking lot (are they everywhere or what?) to further inspect the damage. The guy tried to offer me money to fix my car, but of course didn't have anything on him and could only give me his cell phone number. Ummm, yeah. So, I did what any smart girl would do, I called my Daddy - well, technically Hubby's Daddy, but at that moment he was the closest Dad I had. And I knew that if anyone could make some sense out of all this and get the guy talking, he could. See, Happy is a smooth talker, a salesman, and a true man of God that has a way of making people feel so comfortable around him that they tell him anything he asks; honestly. The guy told me he didn't have his insurance card on him, he told Happy that not only did he not have insurance, he had a suspended license as well. See the difference?

We decided to call the cops; the damage to my car seemed minimal at worst, but with things like that you just never know. Plus, both myself and C have back problems and I wanted to make sure we had a police report in case anything was aggravated because of the accident. While we were waiting for the cops to show up, Happy took C to the airport and Grammy stayed with me and the Kiddo. The guy got upset that we had called the police, and in turn called his brother. The brother and sister in law showed up a few minutes later. After a group huddle, the sister in law and the guy's wife cornered Grammy, Kiddo and I in the back of my car and tried to convince us to call off the cops. They were offering to give us a check and pay for any additional repairs not covered by it. They pleaded their case, and while I was a bit uncomfortable being basically trapped by these women in the back of my own car, I did really feel bad for the guy's situation. I knew he was quite possibly looking at jail time. He had a wife and a child about Kiddo's age - it was obvious that something like this could mean real trouble for him. I really didn't know what to do. I felt bad for their situation, knowing how easily one's life can go in the toilet because of a stupid mistake. But at the same time I had to take care of my family first. And what if one of us had really been hurt? What if I let the guy go, and he got behind the wheel again and killed somebody? I just didn't know what to do.

The cop finally showed and the sister in law asked me once again to call him off. I said ok and asked the officer if he would step away from the crowd and talk to me. I told him the situation, of what happened in the wreck and that the family was trying to convince me to settle the matter without involving the police. The officer asked me how I felt about all of that, I told him that I wasn't exactly comfortable with it, but that I didn't want to get anyone in trouble either, but I did want to make sure I was covered in case there were any unseen damages. He asked me to go get my information and he would talk to the other party. As I turned to walk away, he asked me who was driving the other car. I pointed out the guy, not even thinking that my doing so was basically incriminating him. Doh! I guess the decision was made.

The officer wrote the report and sent me on my way before dealing with the other party. I'm pretty sure the guy went to jail. I feel so bad for him and his family.

Drained from that whole situation and so very upset that I didn't get to give C a proper farewell, I took the long, twisty way back to G&H's house, picked up our things while Kiddo slept in the car, and hit the road for home. I just wanted to get home and crawl into my own bed and cry. It was such a glorious, fun, amazing weekend and I was so terribly sad it was over. It was the first time in a long time that I've felt like myself. I saw that girl in me that I miss so much. I laughed more than I have in ages. I talked more than I have in ages. Even the accident was a mere hiccup - I was more upset that I didn't get to take C to the airport than I was about my car.

I hope we do it again soon. I don't think I can wait another 8 1/2 years.

Thanks for hanging in with me. My readers are the best. I love you all! :)

D :)


ImBlessed2x said...

DOH!! I wouldn't give that other driver a second thought. If he was truly worried about his wife and kids, why was he driving without license or insurance? Not very responsible and maybe now he'll learn that lesson!!

I'm so glad to hear about your wonderful trip! Made me smile to hear to talk about happy and comfortable you were with your girlfriends. You are very lucky to have them in your life... Even if you are far away.

karrie said...

That sucks, but I think you did the right thing.

Jen said...

I'm glad you are still left with such wonderful memories, in spite of the lame accident.Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Wow! That is not what I thought it was going to end up with! I think you did the right thing though. I am glad you had such a wonderful weekend, despite the bang at the end!

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