Friday, June 15, 2007

One More

I know, I know. 3 posts in one day?? What's up with that?

Heh, more randomness than I can handle today I guess.

Question of the day:
Why is it that the day after I declare we are no longer going to buy sweets, the grocery store puts Oreos on sale?

Kiddo Speak of the Day:
Mommy: (on the way out to the pool) Come on out here, let me put some sunscreen on you.

Kiddo: Mommy, Aaaahhhhhhh!

Mommy: What was that?

Kiddo: Mommy, dere's a sun Scream!

:) :)


Jennifer said...

LOL...that was really funny and clever of him!

ImBlessed2x said...

How awfully witty and clever of a 2 year old!!! That would worry me a bit... thinking upon his teen years ;)

Jen said...

I just caught up on all I missed of your blog while I was gone! I loved the story of you and Hubby. Thanks for sharing =)

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