Friday, June 15, 2007

I Feel Too Much

Good morning everyone. I guess I am not doing so well this month in keeping up with this blog. I just haven't had it in me I guess. I can think of things to talk about, but that blogger's doubt is kicking in hard again. Will I be funny? Do people care? I guess it doesn't really matter. Of course, I want you all to be entertained, but it is after all, my blog, I should be able to put whatever I want in it right?

I am very thankful for my regular readers though, all 20 of you. I love your comments and just the fact that you stop by on a regular basis means the world to me. In case you haven't noticed, I have added a few more blogs to my blogroll. If you have the time, hop on over and say hi to them too. And for all of you just tuning in, I have a "favorite post" list going as well in my side bar that you might want to check out.

So anyway, life here has been busy, and in all that business little Kiddo had been terribly bored. It is just so HOT right now. And what sucks is that it is only going to get worse. I would love to take kiddo to the playground, but the equipment is scorching and it would mean I would have to sit there in the heat watching him. Same deal with the sprinkler park. He would have fun there, but man, I would be miserable. We don't really have a "sprinkler" kind of yard, so I am not really inclined to set anything up here. I guess that only leaves indoor play centers, and I just don't have the money or the energy for that kind of thing. So, we've been fighting boredom here at home.

My back has gone out again. It is really bad this time. I can move around, but every time I bend over I have to say a prayer or two or five to get back up again. The last time this happened, I told myself I would do something about strengthening it as soon as it was healed. Because, you see, it is darn near impossible to do any sort of exercise when it is this way. So then it heals and feels better, and I totally forget about doing any sort of exercise because, well, I feel better. See the cycle? So here I am, in serious, constant pain, and I desperately want to do some sort of exercise but I can't. Hopefully it will heal soon and I will remember to do something about it this time. I need to get in better shape anyway. I hate exercise. Part of the problem now is that because I haven't done any serious singing in years, my hard-as-a-rock core muscles have deteriorated into mush. If I could get those strong again I think my back would be much better. I guess if anything I could find humor in all of this. I look like a total dork trying to get out of bed or up off the floor!

So, I've been meaning to ask, is this a normal kid thing or the early signs of OCD?
Yeah, I thought so. :)

Oh yes, I also got my first tomato off of my plants the other day. Isn't it beautiful?! The "Fruit of No Labor".

Isn't it purty? Oh wait, I already asked you that.

Well, I just wanted to say hi. I will be here more often soon. I promise. Right after I down some more ibuprofen.

D :)


Heather said...

What a pretty tomato!

And a cute kidlet, too :D I love his line of cars!

Denise said...

It's not OCD! Tee Hee! Elyse has been doing that with everything from blocks to goldfish, to cheerios even so far as to put together sections of the same color, since last fall. I was worried too at first, but it's all just part of this discovery stage. (I emailed you again by the way. Just a quick question.) By the way, I love your blog and look forward to reading everyday and sigh heavily when it is not there! So you have at least 21 people that read it, so there! 'nuff said! :o) Denise

Rachel Anne said...

THAT'S NOT OCD! That's. pure. genius!

Let me tell you, my son (13) did the exact same thing, and he's still just as awesome as we suspected. Very smart. Very capable, very logical, very organized. He spends his time flying flight simulators and wants to be a pilot, maybe an airforce pilot. He's also very artistic and fun, so its a great balance.

You got a good one on your hands, right there! Kiddo is amazing.

BTW, I love to visit, I just never get much of a chance to comment bcs I'm on such a short internet leash. I kindof have to sneak blog time in to my overly stuffed life.

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