Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Story of Us

Today is my 8th anniversary! I can't believe it has already been 8 years since we said "I do". My, my, how time flies.

In honor of this special day I thought I would tell you a bit about our "story". Aren't you excited??! lol!

Anyway, it all started back in high school. Hubby was the hot new guy and I was the shy tall girl. Though we knew of each other (because we were in the same graduating class) we never officially met. I will spare you high school pictures, because well, they are so not flattering (for me anyway)! We graduated and went our separate ways.

Freshman year of college, a friend of mine came over to my apartment one day and told me she had seen Hubby at a party and he looked HOT. I was thinking "Hubby who?" and didn't give it another thought after that. I had no clue who she was talking about. If I had known she was talking about this -
I probably would have payed more attention! ;)

Then, a couple of years later, my best friend and I were living in a different apartment complex and new people moved in across the walk from us in the next building. Our doors faced each other. The new tenants were Hubby and his roommate! The first time we encountered the duo, Hubby said something along the lines of "didn't we go to high school together?" and that was the start of our friendship. Over the next several months, we hung out a lot, and after a while, when Hubby would tell me his girlfriend woes (and I dutifully listened) I was beginning to think I couldn't take it much more. I enjoyed being his friend and all, but listening to the stories about the girls he dated was killing me.

Then one night (shortly after accepting an invite for a date with his roommate) Hubby and I went out (as friends). We spent the evening talking about all sorts of things, and even played a game where we described our perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. Bonehead that I was, while I was describing some mythical man, he was describing me! Doh! (sorry Babe, I was a little dense at the time) I never thought he'd be interested in me. Then at the end of the evening, we were driving back to our apartments and he asked me who I would rather go out with, himself or his roommate. I got brave and said him, and he liked that idea. :)

Oh yes, this we me at the time. Gotta add this in you know! Man, I looked good in college! lol!

I broke off the date with the roommate and Hubby and I started dating. Sort of. It was rocky at best at first, but eventually we ironed the kinks out and the next thing I knew we had been together for almost 4 years.

We took a trip to Colorado to visit some friends and see the sights. The snow was amazing, my friend's house was amazing, everything about the trip was great.

One morning we decided to take a drive up to a scenic outlook up the mountain. We got in the van, and after missing it the first time, found the road and headed up. We stopped several times along the way so Hubby could take pictures, and I was upset with myself because I had forgotten to put on my gloves. It was super cold, and being a skinny Texas girl, I was not enjoying the impending frostbite on my glove-less digits. We made a stop at this beautiful overlook, and decided to walk down to a flat area just below the road. It was a beautiful spot, with a thick layer of fresh powder and gorgeous trees. Hubby sat the video camera up on a rock and we played for a while, making snow angels and writing love messages in the snow. As we were playing I was complaining that my hands were cold. Hubby took me in his arms and pulled a pair of gloves out from under his sweater. They were beautiful black leather with cashmere lining. I was shocked at the gift and sooooo thankful because I was freezing! He told me to put them on and as I did, something caught on my finger in the left hand glove. I pulled it out and it was a beautiful platinum band with a trillion cut diamond. Hubby had designed it himself and it was the most amazing ring I had ever seen. I was a bit stunned at first, because in all honesty I had no clue what was happening (we had never even talked about getting married) and as Hubby stumbled over his words it hit me.

Here we are back at my friend's house.

Of course, I said yes, and we were married 6 months later. Here is one of our official engagement photos:We had a beautiful ceremony on the college campus in what is affectionately called "The Pit". haha! It was HOT - I think the official temp was over 100 degrees! But it was a wonderful day regardless.
As soon as we kissed and were announced, the rain started. It drizzled during group photos and then as soon as we got in the cars to head to the reception, the bottom fell out! A torrential downpour followed us all the way to the reception and cleared up just as we were getting out of the car.
I wish I had a better shot of my dress. It was sooo beautiful! If I could still fit into it I would take it out and have Hubby photograph it for me. *sigh*

Um, can you say, YUMMY?!? Mercy! ;)

So, it has been 8 years of marriage, but 12 years of togetherness. I am so thankful for my Hubby and all he has been to me. He is my best friend, a wonderful husband and father and my saving grace in this world. I thank God for him every day.

Hubby, I love you and I look forward to many, many more years of adventure and love. Thank you for warming my hands that day, and for the rest of my life.


D :)


Barb said...

I hope you had a great anniversary and a fun time with just your hubby. Wow what a hottie!! ;O)

Very sweet story!

karrie said...

What a gorgeous couple, and yes a beautiful dress!

Happy belated anniversary!

Misty said...

Aww..that is a great "us" story. You looked beautiful on your wedding day and that dress is awesome. Here's to many, many more wonderful years to come.

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