Monday, June 04, 2007


Ahem. Well, I have been specifically told by certain people (who shall remain nameless) that I absolutely must update my blog today, because, as they said, it's been 4 whole days. So here I am. How've you been?

I am a bit at a loss today. I have no transportation today and lots to do this week. Our stupid car is out of commission yet again, and though it is an easy repair (to the tune of about $100 bucks) it still requires stopping all driving of the vehicle until the part comes in and Hubby gets around to fixing it. And, because of the weather being so iffy today, Hubby took my car to work instead of risking getting caught in a downpour while riding the motorcycle. And while I understand, appreciate and encourage his concern for safety, it still puts a kink in my plans.

I also have a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow, and even though we had a beautiful morning, the sky is now quickly going dark and the rain is coming in big-ol'-Texas sized drops. The thunder is rumbling in the distance. The ground will be wet tomorrow. I suppose I should bump the shoot. crud.

On the potty training front, Kiddo has pretty much abruptly stopped all potty related activity. I can still get him to go after a shower, but I can forget asking him any other time of day. That question is consistently responded to with "NO!". One step forward, two steps...

I was forced to use a suppository on the Kiddo on Saturday. What a wild ride that was. He was not a happy camper. He spent all morning crying and straining and trying to poop without pooping (meaning his body was telling him to do it, but he didn't want to) and by that afternoon I'd had enough. 15 minutes later it was all over with and we all felt much better. I have to say though, even though I felt really bad for him [warning: bad mommy moment coming] it really was quite hysterical watching him trying to get away from his own hiney after I put the suppository in! Bless his heart, he didn't know what was going on. How do you explain that kind of thing to a 2 year old?

I am really liking the pool on our back deck. Yesterday I needed something to occupy Kiddo for a bit while I chilled out and I put him in it. The mosquitoes were a nightmare, but setting up the oscillating fan on the deck seemed to help matters. Hubby even joined Kiddo in the pool after he did some yard work and they had great fun together. I was going to take some pictures to share with you all, but, um, it seems that um, Hubby didn't bother with a, um, swimsuit - so I, uh, didn't think it would be appropriate to photograph that rather revealing event! You'll thank me for that one, I assure you.

Heh, I was just telling Hubby last night how it seems we haven't gotten many hail storms this year. Normally by now we've seen quite a few. I hear the pop pop on the skylights as I type. The balls are about golf ball size or bigger. Oh CRAP!

Um, yeah. That piece on the left was 1 1/2 inches in diameter and that was after melting for a few minutes on the hot deck out back. Oh YEAH!

Well, hopefully this random, ping pong of a post was enough to satisfy above mentioned nameless reader. I will try to have more interesting material tomorrow.

Until then,
D :)


Julia said...

You and I need to figure out a trick to get our kiddos from "holding." Suppositories...yep...we've still got a stash lying around here for those unpleasant moments. I give Miss C a spoonful of Benefiber in her water/juice so she has no choice but to go. :)

Rachel Anne said...

That's no fun...the suppositories and the holding. One of my kids went through that and potty training the poopy part was really hard. Its a viscious hurts so they hold it, so then it hurts more.

I'm getting tired of the rain myself. Enough, already. The lakes are full.

Kate said...

that's funny! hope your deck has lots of privacy!!
found your blog from lane's (mostly tired). love your pictures!
and yeah, we just got some hail yesterday - not much here but enough worthy of taking a picture of!!

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