Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Creatures and Kisses

Pantry Moths. Vial, vial little creatures. Once you have them you swear you will never do that again. It is a disgusting, time consuming, money wasting infestation that will infuriate one to the point of wanting to fling oneself off a bridge. You see, they are sneaky little devils; once you see them - it is already too late. And they have nothing to do with how clean your house is or how meticulously clean and organized you keep your pantry; they come in bags of dog or cat food or boxes and bags of grains. They crawl around under cover of night and lay their slimy young in every nook and cranny and small hole there is. Then, when you least expect it, you start to see these mysterious little moths in odd places.

I have been battling these vomit inducing creatures all week. I suspect they rode in on cat vittles and have since cost me mucho $$ in lost food, cleaning supplies and new, air tight containers. Stupidly, I thought they were isolated in the cat food (which, by the way, was in an air tight container) so I removed that bucket and moved on. A few days later, new moths appeared and I have discovered them in the dog food and various other places - like the corrugated box that contains our ice cream maker and a couple of cake boards. Everything has to go - all the crackers and grains and cereal, all the boxes and even stuff that is unopened. The pantry has to be soaked down with bleach and cleaned almost to the point of gutting and starting over. It makes me sooooo mad!!!

I should have known better. We were infested once before, years ago, and had to throw out basically everything in the kitchen and start over. I had to throw out all of my spices - hundreds of dollars worth, food, various kitchen things, and the free standing cabinet we were using as a pantry. It took forever to get rid of them completely.

That is one of the reasons I loved living in Arizona. No BUGS! It was amazing.

Thank goodness I have these to keep me sane.


1 comment:

karrie said...

Agree--they are soooooo gross!

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