Monday, November 06, 2006

The Power of the Toot

My son has discovered the power of the toot. Yes, my friends, I am sorry to tell you - he is ALL boy! The really sad part is, though my Hubby tried his best to do his fatherly duty, I think I was the one that actually taught him to use the force. Now, before you start thinking awful thoughts about me passing gas - let me explain. I was changing his diaper and he tooted. I jumped and laughed (because after all, it was directed at my face) which in turn made him laugh that amazing, special laugh he only does when he is truly tickled about something. That made me laugh harder, which made him try to do it again; he succeeded and well, you can just imagine how the next 10 minutes went!

I was hoping he had forgotten about our exchange when about an hour later Hubby starts laughing in the next room. Apparently Kiddo had walked in with a gigantic grin on his face, looked at Hubby, turned around, bent over, and promptly fumigated the room. Mr. Cutie Patootie ran off giggling hysterically and left my dear Hubby in the ...ah....clouds! :0

Ah the joys of boys!
D :)


foodiemama said...

oh mom encouraged gus to "pass a froggie" on command...he can rip em anywhere, anytime..talent i tell ya! our boys would have some smelly fun together!

karrie said...


My husband explained to Max that he has balls. Max loves balls of all kinds. So no when he needs to be changed he runs around grabbing himself yelling "bauls! bauls!"

Dawn said...

"bauls! bauls!"
Thanks ladies; it's good to know I am not alone! ;)

Anonymous said...

Quinn rips them pretty often but not at will. He then prompty blames me or his dad and it isnt nice ! He shouted in Weis the other day mommy poopied ( what he calls a fart ) daddy poopie Ken ( how he says Quinn) no poopie its YUCK!

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