Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funny Memories

It amazes me what I remember sometimes. Just random thoughts from childhood; locked deep in the recesses of the mind only to be brought forth at odd moments. My Hubby has his alarm clock set to play music from a local radio station to wake him. In the early mornings the station plays a combo of classical and "elevator" type music, but by mid morning it transitions over to less classical and more cheesy, adult contemporary/borderline elevator music. Anyway, often when I am in the shower Kiddo will come into our room and turn on the radio on the clock. He enjoys turning it off and on, doing a little boogie if he is so inclined and playing in the drawers full of no-no's that is my Hubby's night stand. Today was no exception and when I emerged from the shower I heard the familiar hum of the radio in the next room. Kiddo was playing on the floor with his cars, and I guess the music was suitable enough for him to leave the radio on while he played.

While I was getting dressed an old Kenny Rogers song came on the radio..."Take my hand, let's walk through love's doors, and be free from the world once more..." (the song was featured in Urban Cowboy) Of course, I knew the song - after all I grew up listening to that genre of music, and so I began to sing along. Suddenly I was transported back to somewhere around 1980; and I was standing in the living room of my parents trailer. Often when singing to the radio, I would stand over the floor vents and let the breeze from the air conditioner blow my hair. I would imagine I was on stage, wearing some sort of sparkley get up, with the fan blowing my hair around very dramatically, singing my little heart out. One particular occasion I remember singing that very KR song, and at the end I was taking a big breath for the long note "we can looooove the world, A-WAAAAAAAAAAAY" and I managed to hit the note and hold it strong all the way to the end! I was truly impressed with what my little 6 year old lungs could do!

Well, it was interesting to me that a song could bring back such a vivid memory. Kiddo was, as usual, amused at my vocal skills and would turn off the radio for a moment and then turn it back on, I guess to see if I was still in time with the music.

I was.

D :)

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