Saturday, November 11, 2006

Joy to the World

I love the holidays; the sounds, the smells, the warm fuzzies people get, the cooking (especially desserts!), the shopping, and most importantly, The Reason. Every year starting with the first really cold day, I start to get in the mood. I attempt to stifle the urge to pull out all of my Christmas cds in October and try my best to not bake every cake, pie and cookie recipe I see in the magazines.

I made the mistake of going to Garden Ridge Pottery the day after Halloween. Big, BIG mistake! Garden Ridge cleaned out all of their regular stuff and basically Threw Up Christmas! I have never seen so much Holiday stuff in one place - I mean, they usually have a great variety, but this year really takes the cake. It was overwhelming to say the least. BUT - what it did do was totally get me in the mood for the holidays. It sucks because, even though I love the holidays, if I get in the mood too early, by the time Christmas rolls around I am sick of it. I am so ready for my Jewel cd (I have 2 copies!!) and my Neiman Marcus Cookies; I am ready for the cinnamon and apple candles and the twinkley lights; I am ready for the wrapping paper and the ribbon - aaaaahhhh! It's too early!!! :)

My goal tomorrow is to sit down and budget what we can spend on gifts this year. It is going to be so hard not spending everything on Kiddo. He is finally at that age where I think he will be excited about things this time around. We can talk to him about Santa Clause; leave out cookies and milk and introduce him to all the great holiday songs and carols. It is going to be hard to not go nuts doing things. Restraint, restraint my friends - pray for me!

Oh I have much more to say on this topic, but I am distracted by the TV at the moment. I just wanted to check in and start putting some thoughts down.

Have a lovely evening!
D :)

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