Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In an effort to comfort Kiddo more, I have been trying to indulge his desire to help me around the house. He has always loved doing laundry; I sit him atop the dryer and he "helps" me put the clothes and detergent and whatnot in the machine, then he turns it on for me. He loves putting clothes in and taking them out of the dryer and absolutely LOVES "using his big muscles" to pull the full laundry basket down the hall.

A couple of nights ago Hubby was busy editing some photos and Kiddo was underfoot while I was trying to make dinner, so I decided to let him help me. Oh Lordy! I was making a broiled salmon, so I had Kiddo squirt some lemon juice on the fish and he helped me with the seasonings too. He measured the rice and water into another pot and helped me pour some lima beans into a dish to cook. He basically did everything I did, and he absolutely loved the process. Of course, it made things that much more time consuming and difficult, but at least he wasn't whining and crying the whole time. Last night he helped me some in the kitchen too and it was kind of fun. But with everything I pulled out for him to do, he wanted to get the lemon juice. "So he could squirt it", he says.

Today Kiddo was trying to get me to get down on the floor with him to play and for the 743789247389th time I told him that I couldn't. He laid down on his belly and said "try this" and I replied, "baby I can't lay on my tummy or I will squish your baby brother".

He says "baby brudder CRAPPED!"

*insert dropped jaw smiley face here*

Me: "baby brother what??!?"
Kiddo: "baby brudder Crapped mommy"

Then he made a fist and pounded on the floor.

Desperately searching my preggo brain for a similar word (because we don't say "crap" in our house) I replied...
"baby brother is cracked??"

Kiddo: "yeah, like eggs." and he made the fist pound on the floor again.


Me: "oh no, I hope he's not cracked like an egg"
Kiddo: "yes, and he needs some juice"
Me: "some juice?"
Kiddo: "yes, some lemon juice. And mango juice. And grape and apple and lime juice"
Me: laughing "are we cooking?"
Kiddo: "yes, mommy, and baby brudder needs some lemon juice. and lime and mango and grape juice. yummy!"

I am just hoping he is not talking about cooking baby brother, but rather cooking with baby brother.


D :)

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Julia said...

That's hilarious! Baby brother crapped! I love it. Helping in the kitchen definitely helps to keep the little one entertained. Chloe calls all spices "sprinkle sprinkles."

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