Monday, February 25, 2008

Mr. Roboto

"I'm sorry, I did not hear your selection. Could you please repeat it? If you would like the service department, please say 'service department'. If you would like appliances, please say 'appliances', if you would like sales, please say 'sales'. If you need parts and labor, please say 'parts and labor'. If you would like..."

I would like for her to shut up for a moment so I can repeat my selection. Actually I would like to talk to a REAL PERSON!!!!

ugh. I finally got a real person and they couldn't hear me, nor could I hear them. This is why I don't deal well with calling people. I won't even bore you with the confusion that ensued after that. No record of the purchase, wrong name associated with my address, having to pretend I was my mom; yeah - you don't wanna know.

Someone will be out at my house in 8 days.

8 DAYS!!!

I may have to go out and buy some paper and plastic ware. ugh.


On a lighter note, I had an absolutely fabulous Saturday! I already told you about the cookies, right? Well, the day itself was simply gorgeous and I also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for a wonderful family. The weather could not have been more perfect (ok, so the wind was a little annoying, but I can deal with it) and the shoot went well. I was surprised at my ability to still get up and down (not as quickly as before, but that's ok) and I was even lying on my belly at one point. (sorry Port!) I came away from the shoot completely filthy and covered in grass, so I know it was a good one. lol!

And that got me thinking; I wonder if my clients ever wonder why I always look so ridiculous on shoots. I certainly don't dress for fashion; it is really all about function. I know I will be rolling around on the ground, so I always wear jeans. I also know I will be bending over and squatting a lot, so my shirts have to be long. I don't want to be flashing anyone the dreaded underwear waist band! Plus, I like to wear light colored clothing so that I reflect light into the subjects eyes. Finally, I have to pull my hair back in a multitude of clips so that my hair doesn't interfere with the camera, the lens or my mouth.

Not that I am ever a fashionista, but on photo shoots I look ridiculous. Saturday was no exception, especially adding that I am so fully pregnant at this point that there is not much out there that covers my belly. I wore a simple tank with a shirt over the top that I normally wear as a bathing suit cover up. It comes down to my thighs. It looked really weird all stretched out over my basketball belly and then hanging 6 inches below, but it certainly did the job when I was squatting on the ground knowing full well the waist band on the maternity jeans was around my hips!

Add to all that my camera bag slung across my chest. Because of the belly the strap now cuts just under my chest and kind of looks like a medieval torture device...

The dirtier I am at the end of the shoot, the better things have gone. My jeans and shoes were covered in grass stains and my shirt was covered in grass. I did lots of rolling around.

Anyway, after the shoot I stopped to pick up dinner at Schlotzsky's. It was a nice treat. Kiddo gobbled up a whole pizza! I managed to snag a bite before it was gone and I could instantly tell why he liked it so much - YUM!

Sunday after church we all piled in the car to look for photo shoot locations. This time of year it is hard to find nice places to shoot because everything is so brown. I have to get pretty creative! We found a couple of good spots and then stopped at a park so Kiddo could play. He followed all the other kids all over the playground and had so much fun. After a close call near the swing set (Kiddo almost got the snot knocked out of him) we decided it was time to go. Daddy got to witness the "Leaving the Park Melt Down". ;) It got pretty ugly.

But, it was a fun time and a much needed family outing. We don't do things like that together nearly enough.

I guess I should get back to editing my shoot. I have another coming up this weekend. Woo hoo!

D :)

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jhjohnstone said...

Yikes! 8 days is a long time to go without your dishwasher. I would be buying paper plates, too. My in-laws have never had a dishwasher. I don't see how they can stand it. I'm all about convenience!

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