Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Valentine

I have been wanting to blog for days, but I can't seem to collect my thoughts for anything more than a line or two. I guess not much has been going on here. Let me see if I can come up with something (doesn't that sound terribly exciting?!?)

I think the baby was having another growth spurt last week. I was miserable all week, feeling huge and uncomfortable and dreading feeling that way for the next 7-8 weeks. Then suddenly on Wednesday I felt a lot better. By Thursday I was feeling great. I guess my body got accustomed to the extra girth and weight. Hubby and I actually got to have a night out on Valentine's day and it was wonderful. Then Friday morning about 4AM I started to have some cramping. It lasted throughout Friday - it was comparable to bad menstrual cramps (very low and tight) and nothing like the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having. By Friday night I was getting nervous, but then thankfully it suddenly stopped. I guess we had too much fun!

Sometime between Thursday and Friday little Port switched positions and is now residing on my right side. For a long time his head, torso and booty have been on my left, with legs and arms on the right, and now things are the opposite. All that moving around this late in the game makes me nervous; I am trying not to think about where the cord might be in relation to all of that. He seems to like the right side though, as he has been more active than ever. The late night kick sessions he's been having are far more intense than before. Sometimes I wake up laughing at the punchy, jabby Kung Fu moves going on in my belly.

I have two doctor's appointments coming up this week; one with the perinatologist and one with my regular ob. I am excited to get another ultrasound and see if he has grown much in the last month. It seems like just yesterday we discovered he was a little Buddha!


On Wednesday my good friend and talented photographer, Mollie came by and we attempted to get some maternity shots of me while our boys played. Of course, when I am the one in front of the camera my creativity goes out the window and I draw a blank when it comes to poses. Between that, the low light situation in my house and the boys running in every now and then, I think that it might have been a "trial by fire" first maternity shoot for Miss Mollie! I hope I didn't scare her away from maternity shoots in the future - M, I promise they are not all that challenging! Lol!

Thursday afternoon Grammy and Happy came to town and graciously offered to watch Kiddo while Hubby and I had a night out. I am usually not a big fan of going out on major "couples" holidays - but I figured we may not have the opportunity for a long time to go somewhere kid free so we took advantage. Our original plan was to go to a movie/dinner theater so we could eat dinner while watching a movie, thus cutting down on the time away, but unfortunately all the shows were sold out when we arrived (45 minutes early mind you - dang online ticket sales!). We opted to go to the regular theater for a movie first since the wait at any restaurant in town was going to be an hour anyway. Sweet Hubby let me pick the movie, and didn't complain when it was a total chick flick! Afterwards we went to dinner and had a wonderful meal together, minus any mention of mac-n-cheese or kids meals; ahhhh! It was so nice!

Friday G&H traveled to the next city to see my oh so talented sister in law direct her fabulous choir at the Texas Music Educators Association annual conference, and from what I hear the performance was spectacular! Congratulations A, you make us all so proud. I wish I could have been there. I was going to give G&H my Flip to video the event and just completely forgot. I hope you have access to a recording of the performance because I would love to see or hear it.

When they got back, Grammy and I dove into the recesses of Kiddo's closet and pulled out all the buckets of clothing I have stored there for the past 3 years. We separated out all of the newborn items and stuffed Port's dresser with things to wear, as well as receiving blankets, burp rags, a couple of diapers and all the diapering accessories I currently have. I am waiting on an order of Chinese Prefolds and have yet to order the diaper covers. I guess I should do that this week.

Saturday was more of the same as we dove into the other side of the closet and pulled out the baby swing, bouncy seat, lots of toys, the pack-n-play, two car seats, various other items, and then rearranged and cleaned out until we were able to move Kiddo's dresser into the closet. Happy and Hubby set up the crib, moved around our bedroom furniture to accommodate it, move the Kiddo's dresser for us and fixed the closet door (that thing has been messed up since we moved in this house!). We got a lot accomplished. In the process though, Kiddo discovered some toys that I had been hiding until I could get rid of them and guess what things are now his favorite to play with?!? uh huh. I have no clue how I am going to get rid of them now. sigh

It was a highly productive couple of days though so I am feeling a lot better about being prepared for this baby. Mostly it reinforced the fact that we really don't need many things to get started, and the few things we do need I can pick up on my next visit to Target. Thank goodness!


I believe the Blessingway is going to happen!! I have two wonderful friends in Houston that are working together to make it happen (of course I have to drive to Houston, but I guess it'll be ok) and I am really getting excited. Invites should be going out this week. I will be contacting a couple of you via email about participating long distance, so look for that in your inbox.

I am still on the fence about the henna tattoo...


Well, I guess I did have some things to talk about. I have more, but it is getting late and I should wrap this up.

D :)


Jill said...

Hope we get to see M's pictures! And if you get the Henna tattoo - wanna see that too!!!!

jhjohnstone said...

Dawn, that's awesome that you got so much accomplished in the last few days! Glad you're feeling better about things. And your maternity pics were wonderful! M did a great job even with the interruptions!

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