Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain

Good grief, can someone pass me some brain cells??!?

The fabulous photographer, Mollie K, finished my photos!! I am so excited! You can check out her favorites on her site, MollieK Photography , just look under Portfolio and Bellies! Thanks so much Mollie - I really love them!


Plans are officially underway for the Blessingway. It will be in Houston, so if any of you know that you cannot attend and would still like to participate in some way, please shoot me an email at I will give you some info! ;) I have email addresses for some of you who expressed interest, but there are a few that I don't have, so feel free to contact me at the above address.

I am very excited, and hopefully I won't go into labor before the event! lol!


Speaking of going into labor, little Port is on the move again. I woke up this morning and he had turned BREECH!! Ack! I know there is still time for him to turn again, but mercy that kind of freaked me out. Actually, I think he turned back down this afternoon, as I could feel his hiccupping very low a little while ago. He was killing me last night though; that rotation really stretched things to their limit and made me sore. At 37 weeks Kiddo rotated breech, but thankfully turned around again shortly before birth. Hopefully this kid won't be so cruel! lol!

It is so neat to not be so swollen this time. I can see and feel more movement in my belly than I could with Kiddo. Sometimes when Port's little back is facing out, I can actually see and feel him breathing - it is so wicked!

My sweet tooth is taking over. I made a cake last night; butter cake with chocolate frosting - YUM! Kiddo asked me all afternoon if it was somebody's birthday! ha ha! Actually, it was my dear friend D's birthday, so I guess I could say that I made it in honor of her. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Gah, there were a couple more things.... but I can't remember what they were. Oh well, 2 posts in one day is a bonus anyway, right? Maybe I'll find some more brain cells tomorrow.

D :)


Julia said...

The photos turned out great! You and Seth have the EXACT same facial profile. That's so cool! I never noticed it before until the photos.

Jen said...

Oh I see my post on BCC about my chocolate cake finally took ya over!

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