Monday, February 11, 2008

The Way I Am

32 Weeks. Oy vey.

First I wanted to thank all of you that commented on my blessingway thread. You ladies, near and far, mean so very much to me. And your encouragement and support warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I will certainly contact the couple of you that expressed interest in participating in absentia.

In baby news, I am officially gigantic. I will be shopping for muumuus this week; don't be scared if a big Hawaiian print comes your way at a playdate. It's just me. ;) Seriously though, if I get one more comment from a total stranger...

ex: The guy at Starbucks who, about 5 months ago (before I was really showing) asked me when I was due, and then frantically backpedaled when I looked offended and said he thought I might be pregnant because I was ordering decaf coffee (at 8PM mind you)....same guy last week, asked me again when I was due. I said April. He says, and I kid you not, "but that's 2 MONTHS from now!!"

uh huh

I met a really nice mom on the playground Friday that is due March 24th. She is about half my size (belly wise). ugh.

I am officially wearing the largest maternity clothes I have because everything else won't cover the belly.

I look like a turtle on it's back when trying to get out of bed.

I am starting to sprout new stretch marks.

My back HURTS.

I grunt and groan just walking down the hall.

I waddle. nuff said.

I really have two months left. Truly. How am I going to be in two months?? They may need a fork lift to get my laboring body into the hospital bed.

But get this. Even though I am huge, I still weigh 30 pounds LESS than I did at this time with the Kiddo.

How's that for a difference? Think I might have been retaining some water with him?? mmmhmm. Think I might have been just slightly preeclamptic??? mmmmhmmm.

But still, I have gained 35 pounds. However, I figure Port is about 2 foot 6 and weighs a good 12 pounds by now so that should be about right. ;)

Lord help me. I am delirious.

D :)


TitanKT said...

Despite what all the rude commenters have said, I bet you don't look near as huge as you feel. But even so, keep in mind it's the BABY that's huge, not necessarily you.


Okay, maybe you a *little* bit, but it's just your feet and boobs. Really. *wink*

I remember in last months of pregnancy looking at myself in the mirror after a shower and being vaguely disgusted at how distorted my body had become. It's for a wonderful cause, though.

P.S. Please post more pics of giant belly soon!

Heather said...

I doubt you will need Mumus anytime soon. I mean, I don't need them and you're smaller than me normally :)

But I get the sentiment. I'm still wearing my regular jeans - so I mostly get looks of utter "OMG LOOK A THE FATTY" loathing.

Except the biddy in the waiting room at my clinic's lab last week. "Are you planning on finishing high school after this baby or not?" LMAO! Uh sure, lady. Despite the fact that my diploma says Class of 1999...

The Mom said...

Hey I gained 50 pounds with both kids and I am a shortie compared to you, so I am SURE you are looking great!!

Jen said...

I too am 30 pounds less than what I was with Joei, but good gravy I feel HUGE! And I still have longer to bake than you do! I totally understand. LOL @ the turtle getting out of bed! TOTALLY!

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