Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm still waiting on those brain cells.....

I just finished unloading about half of the dishwasher before I realized I never actually ran it. yuck. Now I am having to wash everything that touched everything I pulled out and put away. Oh well, at least I know things will be clean now???? wahhhhh!


I had my perinatologist appointment this morning. It was so good to see my little stinker again; all his position changing of late has made me nervous, and after going through yesterday with him not moving much, seeing him wiggle all over the screen put my mind at ease (thankfully he is head down again). The tech checked out and showed me his lung function; I was totally right when I said I could see him breathing. She said his lungs look great and their movement "showed viability"; I guess that means that if I had him today his lungs would be in pretty good shape. Yay! However, all that excitement kind of took a back burner when we put all the measurements together and he is measuring 37+ weeks!!! lol! Again, she was shocked at his size (a robust 6 lbs, 8 oz - Lord help me!) and again she asked me if I passed my glucose test. I'm thinking, come on lady, I am 6' tall for crying out loud. The baby is going to be big. That is a given.

So, at a typical growth rate of 1/2 lb a week at this point, my wee one should come out at full term at a tiny, um, just under 10 pounds. Give or take...


Yeah, I am a bit nervous. Hello?

10 pounds!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

*ahem* I'm ok, really. [putting self back together] Let's just hope he comes a bit early, shall we? I'm thinking between March 16 and 23rd would be ideal. My sister in law would be on spring break, all my booked photo shoots would be done and the shower and blessingway would be done too. Yep, that would be a good time for him to greet us.

Somebody place that order for me, ok? Thanks!

D :)

Oh yes, and we could actually see his Long, Flowing HAIR on the ultrasound! I guess that heartburn really was indicative of his hair growth! lol!

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