Monday, April 13, 2009

Bite Back

Ahhhh it's Monday!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mondays?

I know, I'm weird.

But on Monday, things go back to "normal". The house begins peacefully, the coffee is fresh, there is nowhere I need to be.

So, looking forward to Monday morning was on my mind when I went to bed last night.

The 5 AM wake up from the baby was not welcome. But thankfully he got back to sleep fairly easily. Teething sucks. He cut 4 teeth over his birthday weekend. He is now working on the second molar and another tooth up front.

So when Kiddo climbed into the bed with me just before 8 to tell me that he was up, I didn't feel bad about banishing him from my room so that "Mommy could go back to sleep". About 5 minutes later I heard the unmistakable sound of a large egg full of jelly beans spilling it's contents on my living room floor. (tank you Easter bunny, bok bok!) I rolled over in bed, stared at the ceiling and decided that Kiddo would most likely clean them all up. At that point I didn't really care if he ate them, I just really wanted some more sleep. Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, Port woke up and began his morning scream.

So much for sleeping.

I got up and our Monday morning started. I made coffee, fired up the computer and settled into our routine. While I was enjoying a much appreciated email, Kiddo played his new video game and Port toddled around the room playing with various toys.

Port toddled up to me, and I looked down at his angelic little face.

And his stuffed full chipmunk looking cheeks.

He grinned a closed lipped, devious, oh-my-goodness-I-got-into-something-and-I-know-I-shouldn't-and-it-tastes-soooooooo-gooooooooood!!!grin.

Then, just as the fog was clearing and I realized what I was looking at, a big, red, gooey, drip of sugary slobber made it's way out of the corner of his little mouth.

He had stuffed his face with jelly beans.



We made a trip out to Costco - thank goodness for the $1.50 hot dog/soda deal. Saved. My. Sanity! The plan was to come home, let Port nap and then go to HEB for the rest of the grocery shopping. Unfortunately Port had other plans, and didn't go down for his nap until almost 2. While he was napping, Kiddo and I went out to the garden to check things out.

Our dog greeted us out back, rolled around in the grass for a bit and then bolted into the house as soon as we were out of her way. I didn't think much of it since she always wants in the house. When we were done watering the plants I called her to come back out, but she didn't come. She hesitated in the dining room, turned circles a few times, but finally came out. She ran quickly over to the side yard and disappeared. When we got inside, I noticed there was a smear of blood on my kitchen floor. After cleaning it up and checking Kiddo I determined it must have been the dog so I went back outside to look for her. She was still in the side yard, rolling and rolling and rolling in the grass. I called her several times before she came to me, and when she did she immediately laid down at my feet and turned her belly up to me.

Her sweet creamy, polka dotted belly was covered in bright red spots. It looked like a bad skin rash. I looked at her face and it was all red and splotchy too. She had rubbed her muzzle so much that several whiskers were missing and her face was bleeding where they had been. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what might have happened, so I went in the house to call Hubby and see if he had any ideas. The dog proceeded to rub her face all over the back deck and ran around in a frenzy rubbing her back and legs on everything else. She was spastic and freaking out. When I got off the phone with Hubby, I called my mom to see if she had any advice. I was pretty sure it was some sort of allergic reaction so I decided to look up Benadryll doses for dogs.

And then I looked out the window.

My poor dog was covered from head to toe in hives.

Her hair puffed out in each spot. Her legs and face were swollen, distorting her features. She looked sad and lethargic. It was quite disturbing.

She laid down in a far corner of our deck, behind a grill and a folded patio umbrella. She wouldn't come to me, even if I sat on the deck in front of her. She laid there and slept for a long time.

She scared me. And suddenly I felt terribly guilty for not treating her better.

After checking a few sites, I grabbed a Benadryll capsule and wadded it up in a piece of warm bread. Thankfully the dog swallowed it whole. She wouldn't eat anything else or drink water. She did finally come out and sniff her food, but still wouldn't eat. About an hour later she came out and slept in the sun for a while. By the time Hubby got home from work she looked almost normal.

I have no idea what she got into, or if something bit her or what. I don't think we have any poison ivy or poison oak in the yard. We do have fire ants, and possibly some snakes. I suppose she could have been bitten by one of those. I didn't see any puncture wounds from a possible snake bite though.

Thankfully she seems to be ok. But for a while it was sad and scary.

I am so glad she is alright.

So much for a "normal" Monday.

D :)

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