Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Center Stage

On a brighter note: This weekend when I was shooting my second fabulous wedding, Hubby took the boys to the local Auto Show. The featured guest of the day was the one and only Spiderman, and knowing how much Kiddo loves the super web-slinger, Hubby couldn't resist taking him to meet his idol. Kiddo was super patient waiting in line for over 30 minutes while Port got all the attention in the stroller, and when it was finally his turn, he conversed with the super hero while getting his autograph. Then they bonded over a few Spidey moves, and Hubby caught the dynamic duo in action.
Then the boys walked on over to take in a show in the Ford area. I know I joke that my kids are always the center of attention everywhere they go, but this video proves it! Enjoy!

See??!? I told you!

D :)


Jenn said...

omg! I'm crying over here! That is priceless!

Mollie said...

literally tears.... wow. that's hysterical! i didn't know he had rock star moves, momma!

jhjohnstone said...

I'm literally crying too!! That was so funny! Kiddo is adorable and such a ham!


Barb said...

That is so funny!! Love that the robot had to tell him to look at his dad!

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