Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny Face

Happy Friday Company Girls (and Beloved Regulars!)!
What a week it's been. Having to reprogram the kids from the family visit last weekend has been exhausting, er uh, I mean recuperating from all the excitement has been, uh, well, you know what I mean.

We've had some good days and some bad days, but in all the week was nice.

Tonight I am embarking on a new, fun adventure and I am nervous and excited and worried - all at the same time. I really do feel like God is leading me this direction though, and I am happily accepting the new opportunity and trying to let things happen as they will, good or bad.

It may seem like nothing much to all of you, but I am branching out of my comfort zone for this. And I would love to tell you all about it, but right now I don't know what all I can and cannot talk about. It has to do with my photography business though.

Anyway, speaking of photography, I would love to share some recent images of my boy with you. We went to the park for a play date the other day, and while Kiddo was partaking in the craft, I played a bit with my camera, Port and a wide angle lens. The results were, if I do say so myself, pretty cute!

I know some of you won't know what a wide angle lens is/does - so let me just set it up for you. First, it is a big honkin' lens. Second, it "sees" a lot more than just a regular camera lens; you can be in a room and where a normal lens will see mainly what is directly in front of you, a wide angle will see a lot wider area (all on the sides as well). It can be helpful in small spaces where you want to capture the whole thing, or in large areas where you want the full scene without having to resort to taking several images. You can be right on top of your subject and still capture them as if you are further away. I don't personally care for them in portrait situations, because they tend to distort people in the worst places (my hubby took a pic of me once when we were on a sail boat - my head looked fine, but the lens distorted my legs to almost twice their normal size! I was not pleased. lol) Anyway, they can be fun in some portrait situations when you have a silly kid or something equally funny. Thus my scenario...

It starts out cute enough - not paying attention to me at all. As usual... keep in mind that the lens was about 6 inches from his face. See how I got not only him, but lots of background as well?

Port??? Oh Port?? Look at Mommy! Boogadie, boogadie!

Port! You stinky boy! You are a turkey! {yes, I actually say these things to him} He smiles.

Then, he sees his reflection in the huge glass in front of his face and I get this...

LOL! Ok, back to serious stuff...

Oh look, there is a baby in there - I lurve babies!

Is he not the cutest thing ever??!?

Thanks for having coffee with me! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!
D :)

PS. Episode 3 of Musing Mommies is ready to go! Our topic this week is Tips, Tricks and Products that make Mommy Life easier. AND - Rachel Anne's Blog, Home Sanctuary, is one of the subjects we discuss! Enjoy!


Reese said...

Oh he is so cute! We should grab some coffee and take our boys to the playground.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Mommahen said...

My boys are pros at ignoring the camera! I do not even pretend to be a pro at it, but I still take enough pictures that they have become as calloused to it as the people on Big Brother.

I hope wherever God leads you with your photography is a blessing to Him and you.

Have a joy-filled Easter!

Kerri said...

Thanks for the coffee on this Saturday morning! Your little guy is very those teeth! :)

have a blessed Easter weekend~

Joyce said...

Kids! They never look at the camera when you want them to. hehe Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Have a fabulous Easter weekend.

L2L said...

Oh I could just cover those cute cheeks with kisses!!! Adorable, he is. Happy Easter and I can't wait to see the journey God is leading you on!!!!

TitanKT said...

He's just so super cute... and then he smiles and that ratchets up the cute intensity so much it makes me go: SQUEEEEEE!!!! Seriously... wanna chew the cheeks!

Rachel Anne said...

WHAT? How can you talk about me and not let me know??? I'd better be on my best behavior!! I'll have to give a listen :) You girls are doing an awesome job, btw.

The photos are fabulous. What a lil' man!

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