Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grow For Me

On Saturday the boys and I went to a couple of local home and garden centers. I was looking for a few select things, namely a couple of planters for my extra tomato plants, some organic pest control and possibly some sort of composting bin.

The individual planters were far more expensive than I had hoped, I couldn't find a compost bin nor could I find the pest control I was looking for. However, I did find more things for my garden.

sweet peas
Lima beans
black beans

ugh. lol!

I know I should concentrate on what I already have, right? But the thing is, I got to thinking about it and I really should try to grow what we eat.

So I bought a bunch of seeds and Saturday afternoon Kiddo and I planted our seeds in one of those little indoor sprout starters.

And today, a mere 3 days later, I got up and found the broccoli is already sprouting!

I guess Hubby better get on building another raised bed pretty quick!

D :)

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