Thursday, April 09, 2009

Million Dollar Question

I know, I know; it's been almost a week!

I have been - well, recovering.

It was a long week last week and an exhausting weekend. Fun, but exhausting.

Monday, Port had his one year well check. The first thing the doctor said was.

"man, he's fat!"

I had to laugh, because Port is not nearly as big as his brother was at that age. But yes, he is a chubster. And I love every squishy inch of him.

I'm sure he will slim down some now that he is walking everywhere.

His official weight is 26.65 pounds and his length is 30 inches. He was not having the head measurement - but whatever it was she recorded was "right on track". He got 2 vaccinations, passed out in the car on the way home and took a 3 hour nap. Then we had the vaccine poop diapers, and all was well.


So over the weekend he cut all 4 teeth and now appears to be working on a couple more. He is biting everything - poor guy, sometimes you can tell it is purely instinctual. His whole head will shake and he'll get this wide eyed look - it's a bit disturbing. Thankfully he hasn't bit me in a few days, and my shoulder is healing nicely. ;)

On Tuesday I spent the entire day dealing with Kiddo. We have never, ever had such a horrible day. He whined and fussed and back-talked and was rude to me and mean to Port; it was a nightmare. I swear something evil took over his body. We made a horrid attempt at a grocery store trip, and after thoroughly embarrassing me several times he lost video game privileges for the next 3 days. He spent most of his afternoon and evening in time out and even got the dreaded "you are getting a spanking when Daddy get's home" punishment. I have never used that one before - it most definitely was a last resort and I hated every minute of it.

I was >< this close to selling him on Ebay.

And it totally sucked because the entire time all I really wanted to do was throw myself at his feet and beg him to stop acting that way. I didn't want to be angry. I didn't want to be mean and yell and scream and I certainly didn't want to punish him - but what else am I supposed to do?? Talking to him did nothing. Reasoning with him did nothing. Asking respectfully and bargaining and explaining did nothing. He responded to NOTHING.

I am convinced he was possessed.

Wednesday was much better. We played most of the day at a couple of parks. He got to see his best buddy in the world and we spent a lot of time in the car.

- which was great for his behavior but not so great for my sanity.

Kiddo is in a phase now where he asks 40 gazillion questions a day. I am required to be a dictionary, a thesaurus and an encyclopedia and frankly my brain hurts. Being in the car is the worst - I don't think the kid ever stops asking questions. After months of fielding the same set of questions about the days of the week and the months of the year, Kiddo has moved on to animals. His primary inquiry is what particular animals eat and drink. On the way home yesterday, after question #89,347,892,834,789, he asked me what some animal eats.

"well... actually, they eat little boys that ask too many questions."

"Oh Mommy, you're just kiddin'!"

As serious as I could: "no, they really do. They eat little boys, and they love the ones that ask a lot of questions."

That bought me 2 glorious minutes of silence.

D :)


Victoria said...

Evil, evil mommy!!

The questions. Ack. I reach the frustration point multiple times a day ...

Sorry Tuesday was such a rough day :( They can be nightmarish for us, too, if I don't plan *something*. I'm glad Wednesday was better and hope today continued the upward trend!

TitanKT said...

It's lovely that they're curious and there's something wonderful that happens inside your body when you know that answering their questions is helping them learn and increasing the wrinkles in their little brains.

It is, however, freakin' exhausting. Mine exhausted me today. He reads so beautifully and he has good comprehension, but there are a lot of words he can read and can understand sort of in context and still doesn't know what the exact *definition* is. Consequently he's asking me ALLLLLLLLLLL the time what does this mean, what does that mean?

Today in the grocery store I finally just had to tell him to stop asking me. It was especially crowded, he'd been trying my patience the whole time anyway, I was distracted and just NOT in the mood to play human dictionary. Usually I do try to answer him, but my defining limit had been hit for the day so I just had to say... enough. I don't worry, he'll be back at it again tomorrow. Or, more likely, later tonight! LOL!

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