Thursday, April 23, 2009

In The Flowers

Evolution of a photo shoot, take 2:

Your mission: Photograph 4 year old and 1 year old in flowers that bloom only once a year.
Obstacles: flowers are scarce. patches are highly coveted. others may try to claim the patch you find as their own.
Your Weapons: camera, lenses and the promise of Sonic

bum... bum... bah dah, bum... bum... bah dah, bum... bum... {theme from Mission Impossible}

We set out the morning of April 10th. The light was just right; slightly overcast but dry. The day, Good Friday. And though I knew school was out and any flowers we found could possibly be trampled from every other Texas family with the same mission, I loaded up the kids and headed out with a particular spot in mind. Within an hour I knew the light would no longer be ideal so time was of the essence. I checked my watch. I checked the gas level. I checked to make sure I had my camera, my lenses and my Sonic gift card. With the kids dressed in matching clothes we took off. Driving toward the spot I had in mind, I noticed the road side almost bare. Only 1, maybe 2 other cars had stopped; we were in the clear.

Then, my super sleuth mind thought that maybe, just maybe if I drove out a little farther, the flowers might be better. The road less traveled, as it was, led out to farm land and pasture and lots of rolling hills. Surely wildflowers would find that environment more suited for them, more, dare I say it, wild?!

45 minutes away from town later....surely NOT.


By the time we got back to the original spot, the sun was high and hot and there were several cars pulled over in various spots. I pulled over in a small drive next to a minivan and unloaded the boys and we walked gingerly down a path along side the busy road. I kept our pace slow as not to disturb the young mom with two boys crouching in the thin smattering of blue. As we approached, I could tell they were wrapping things up. We crossed paths and she stopped for idle chatter about the sad state of the display this year. Apparently I was not the first to drive all over the area looking for just the right spot.

So this was it - the best spot in town; next to a busy road. Thankfully there were no buildings to speak of, only barbed wire fence, cactus and slim trees. I plopped the boys down in what looked like a good spot, and fired off a few shots.

Too far away. Let me move closer.The sun was so high. *sigh* The boys couldn't even look at me without squinting, so I thought maybe a different angle would work. But first, one more close up...
I turned them around and tried shooting with the sun at their side.
Doh! Too harsh! A change in scenery was in order. We walked a bit further down the path to look for a good spot of open shade. We found a small tree with a decent patch of flowers so I tried the boys there.
Ahh, that's more like it! Ok, I got the baby to look and smile, now if I could get Kiddo to look and smile...
Well, a half smile is good enough I guess. How about some close ups?
Niiiiiiice! I love that one!
I can't get over how handsome he is getting. Now what about the little one. Oh Port?

Hey Sugar Booger! Isn't he a cutie?Uh oh, Kiddo is showing me some super hero moves! This could be taking the fast road to Sillyville.Geeze Mom, aren't you done yet?So now I guess I've lost him. He won't even look at the camera. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. We pick up and walk back to the car. The small parking area now has more cars than it can handle. As we drive up the road home, the few cars stopped before have multiplied and 20 or so vehicles line the busy street. I guess we got there just before the rush after all.

So, the flowers weren't that great, but the boys were fairly willing and always cute subjects so I guess it was a successful mission.

Next year, I am planting my own bluebonnets...

D :)


Julia said...

At least you found a patch! I couldn't find any decent enough to make my two kids suffer through the yearly ritual. Next year. Usually we head to St. Ed's campus, near the track b/c the bluebonnets are slightly uphill and make a lovely backdrop.

Mollie said...

i told critter, if we move out to any of the country places he and his parents have been shopping for, I'm claiming a corner, planting THICK bluebonnets.... and charging admission ;)

Cute Pix!

J. Nalley said...

Pics look good! I tried planting a patch in my backyard and it came out pretty sparse looking! I got maybe 6. :-(

Anonymous said...

I think they're all good, because your kids are super cute... but I really like the one with the bluebonnets and the dirt and the prickly pear in the background... that one is SO Texas. Love it!

BTW, Port's cheeks are so much like his Daddy's I can't get over it! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! I'm posting under "Linda" again... it's not Linda... it's me... Katy. Sorry...

secondofwett said...

We were in Texas in February and I was looking for the bluebonnets to pick one to press in my Bible and bring it home but....Bluebonnets don't come out in February! What a disappointment! Lovely pictures of beautiful kids!

onemotherslove said...

I'd go ahead & order the seeds... I've been wondering if they'll cost more when next year's catalogs come out since there are so few this year! Your pictures are great, too! I haven't ventured out to take ours yet & they're starting to fade in some places. Maybe it will be dry enough tomorrow???

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