Friday, April 03, 2009

One In A Million

I'm starting this post early because well, it was an early wake up for me this morning. Today is my baby's 1st birthday!!! Last year, sometime after 4 AM (is it bad that i can't remember the exact time???) my sweet little Port came screaming and clawing his way into the world. He hasn't slowed down since!

Today is not starting out so great though - I woke up to a massive headache, no doubt from all the dust I stirred up cleaning yesterday. THEN, I discovered that I am

oh gosh I don't know if I can type it...





Thankfully, thankfully though I found a single pot packet in my emergency stash and praise the coffee gods I have a yummy, STRONG, steaming cup in front of me.

- that 2 minutes after I poured it, got dumped in my lap when the baby bumped into me.


But all is well. My robe soaked up most of the coffee and I now have a replacement cup. There is plenty left for my Company Girls - help yourself!

I know I promised you Art show photos today, but I have not had time to edit them all yet. I have been too busy cleaning the house from top to bottom in preparation of the family coming into town. I will get them out next week, I promise!

Yesterday I baked a couple of the cakes needed for the party Saturday. I tried to bake a butter/yellow variety, and made a terrible mistake of putting heavy whipping cream in place of milk! OOPS!! It didn't come out too well. That's ok though, I just scrapped the original plan and am making the yellow cake into cake balls. Hopefully I can run over to Hobby Lobby this morning and grab some supplies and make them into cute little cake bites. It should be fun!

Also on the agenda today... finishing up cleaning; still have to do the floors, clean/polish the table, wash a load of diapers, empty all the trash, sweep the kitchen again (I scrubbed the floor in there yesterday, but the crumbs reproduce all by themselves!). Then I have to boil a chicken, bake another yellow cake, this time with milk (tee hee), make some brownies and eventually decorate the cakes. Did I mention I made a marshmallow fondant last night? It is divine!!! Hopefully it is easy to work with, and hopefully I have enough... I also should prep the stuffed jalapeno peppers and cut up the fixins to go with the fajitas we are having Saturday. That includes making guacamole and queso as well.

Wow, I better get off the computer and get moving!

Hope you all have a splendid Friday and an awesome weekend!

And - if you find yourself with an hour of time that you need something to listen to, the 2nd episode of Musing Mommies is now available! This week's topics are photography and mommy relationships. Enjoy!

One last thing - in honor of his birthday, here is a little video of my Port. One of his favorite things to do is play with his diapers when I get them out of the dryer. He is such a cute little stinker!

And his favorite word... "meow" lol!

D :)


Julia said...

Happy birthday Port!

I listened to Musing Mommies last night. It is fantastic. You are a natural, as if your friend. I put a plug for it on

okate said...

aw, happy birthday little one! so cute :)

have a fantastic weekend!

- Kate (feel free to drop in here!)

Erin said...

Oh my, you have been busy. All that talk of baking has motivated me to do some of my own.

Happy Birthday to your little one (no worries, about remembering the time. All I can remember is morning or afternoon.)

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

He's such a cutie! Happy birthday! I'm sure the cake bites will be wonderful!

Jen Barnes said...

I'm excited to see your art pictures! I flew through editing mine and stayed up waaay too late!

Love the videos! (I really need to take some)

Happy birthday to the little guy! I can't believe he's ONE already!

secondofwett said...

A year goes so quickly doesn't it....goodness, you've been busy....have a wonderful time with your family!

Barb said...

Port is just too adorable...those chubby little legs!

When I was playing the 2nd video - Will started chirping in with him.

Too bad you live so far away - these boys could cause a lot of trouble.

Reese said...

You are too busy today!
I bring some Starbucks by later!
Have a wonderful birthday party.
Don't worry. I have a rough idea of when my children were born because I was busy. Ask my husband!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Port!!

What a cutie pie ... love the 'meow'! I don'tthink anything makes Miss O happier than kitties ...

Rachel Anne said...

I thought you were going to say you discovered that you were pregnant! Having no coffee might be just a shocking, come to think of it. I get a headache just thinking about a morning with no coffee!

I can't believe little Port is one! That year flew by fast (for me, maybe not you.) The party sounds fantastic, and I hope you'll get to relax and enjoy it a bit.

Rachel Anne said...

BTW great job on the podcast! You sound awesome! Very likeable and professional. I'm jealous of your podcasting abilities. :) Are you doing it once a week? Let me know and I will link to you.

I enjoyed the part about the photography...learned a couple things.

Mommahen said...

Those days are precious and it sounds like you are pulling out all the stops in your preparations to remind your little guy of that very fact.

But personally I think maybe our children's birthdays ought to be days when WE receive gifts. Afterall we did do all the work! ;-)

I bet the cake bites will be delicious--eat one for me. Thanks for inviting us over!

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