Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cry Baby Cry

Today was not a good day for the neighbors to replace their roof.

The banging at 7:30 sharp was enough to almost make me call the men in white coats to take me away.

It all started with a huge parenting FAIL we had last night.

For a while, we've been toying with the idea of putting the boys together in the same room in bunk beds. Port is still in his crib, and we thought we could fit both beds in one room, but it will be really tight. And if we do, all the toys will have to go in the other bedroom, making it a playroom. But since they boy's schedules have been different (Port goes to bed around 8, Kiddo around 8:30 or 9) I haven't really pushed it.

Lately Kiddo has been bringing it up again. He wants Port in the room with him. Actually, he wants anyone in the room with him. The kid is desperate for a sleep over.

So last night the boys were getting ready for bed (or rather they were supposed to be) and they both ended up in nothing but underwear/diaper in Kiddo's room. They were jumping on the bed together (yes, I know, but think of the gross motor skills they are developing!) and having a blast. I brought Port's pajamas into Kiddo's room and they got dressed together. They were seriously bonding over this whole night time routine thing, and just enjoying eachother's company for once. I didn't want to mess that up! After they got dressed, they went back to jumping on the bed. I walked out to get a sippy for Port and get his bed ready and when I came back into Kiddo's room, both boys were in Kiddo's bed. They were laying side by side, and Port even wanted the blankets up over him. (He is NOT a blanket kid - he hates them!)

Kiddo asked if they could sleep together in his room and I kind of hesitated, but Port looked so content to sleep there. He knew he was supposed to go "night-night" and he nestled into Kiddo's bed like he sleeps there all the time. I turned out the light, we said prayers and all seemed well.

Then I tried to leave.


Apparently that was not on the menu and Port started to wail. He was fine when I was standing next to the bed, but he didn't want me to leave and he didn't want to go to his own bed. After standing there for a few minutes watching him rub his eyes and get even sleepier (and the clock in my head was tic-toc-ing even louder by the second) I tried leaving again but he pitched another fit. So I got him out of Kiddo's bed and tried to take him to his crib in the other room and he pitched an even bigger fit. I asked him if he wanted to stay with brother and he said yes so I brought him back to Kiddo's room (FAIL). He nestled back in but again he didn't want me to leave. Finally I had enough and I picked him up and put him in his room in the crib.

He was not happy.

To say the least.

He screamed in the way he screams when he is extremely mad or when I leave him. He screamed like that for a good 30-45 minutes. We thought at that point that all was well and we went to bed. At about midnight, the screaming began again. After listening to him cry off and on for about an hour, I got up to check on him. I changed his diaper and put him back to bed. He screamed some more. I got up again and took him to the couch. He settled down a bit and slept on my chest for about 20 minutes, then decided he wanted to get off the couch. The house was pitch black, yet he managed to find the tv remotes anyway. I put them away and he found Kiddo's Leapster and began to lay that. I allowed it in my hazy half asleep state and the next thing I know he was rummaging through the refrigerator looking for a hot dog. He ate a hot dog (at 2 AM mind you) and then wanted to play. I was done and not going to tolerate that, so I put him back to bed.

He screamed and cried All. Night. Long.

And, then at 7:15 the crying stopped.

At 7:30 the hammering next door began.

Thank God for coffee.

D :)


Barb said...

OH LORD please hear my prayer for a nap for Port today.

The girls want William to sleep with them, they do the exact same thing. Look adorable all covered up in bed together...that last for about 5 mins. Then he gets up and tries to play. UGH

Julia said...

Oh, do I ever understand your pain. We've been dealing with midnight screamings and 4 am wakings. 4 AM. Little dude ends up in our bed because he can crawl over the gate on his door, and he comes looking for my iPod touch to play "Game." If he can't do that, he screams, "Hun-gway" until I get up and make him breakfast which I can usually delay until 5 am. Even then, that's still WAY too early.

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