Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Spring Spring

Happy Friday Company Girls and Beloved Readers!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! I just love it when the weather is like this! Sadly though, Texas will prove itself unpredictable once again and we'll wake up to rain and cold. Blech. What a way to experience the official start of spring. Oh well.

Hubby has been home with us for a couple of days. He originally took off from work so he could go on a TORCH (the church motorcycle rider's group) camp out. Unfortunately the trip was canceled because the bike trails where they were supposed to camp were closed, but it worked out good for us because we got to have Daddy home. And it worked out great for me because Hubby worked on finally putting the wood down in the hallway!! Yay! No more walking on concrete! It looks so nice! We have a bunch of the wood left, so I think we may put some in the bathroom and then tile the areas around the shower and the tub. I think it will look really nice when it's done.

Little Port woke me up bright and early this morning. We are still not adjusting to the time change well. And today, I believe he is dealing with teething. He has had the worst, the worst diapers all day, including 2 nasty blowouts. And he has been pretty testy as well. Tonight when I put him to bed (he was very upset about it) he cried for a while then stopped. We thought he had fallen asleep but about 30 minutes later he was up and screaming. I went to check on him and he actually asked for medicine. He's never done that before so my guess is his teeth were hurting. He will hardly let me brush them right now. Poor little guy.

Today I was able to get out for a bit while he was napping, so I went to a couple of hardware/garden stores (Lowes and Home Depot) to look at gardening supplies. I purchased some conduit pipe and some connectors and am going to build a frame with netting for my veggies to climb. I need one for the green beans and one for my cucumbers to climb. I think I will use tomato cages for the peas.

We've recently had a flock of birds take up residence near by. I think they are grackels, but I am not sure. Whatever they are, they are noisy beasts and they are pooing on everything. It is extremely annoying. I need to find some helpful tools to keep them out of my garden. I may have to sacrifice some old cds to hang or buy some mylar balloons. I know you can hang them over your plants and the shiny/flashy-ness of them will scare the birds away.

Today I finally got the 2 gardening books I ordered. I had a rewards credit on Amazon (my business credit card gives me $25 rewards every now and then) and so I ordered The Vegetable Gardener's Bible and All New Square Foot Gardening. I was so excited to get them home and look through them. As soon as I walked in and set them down, my 5 yr old confiscated them and ran off to the hammock outside to read them. I wasn't sure if I should be upset or proud! lol! He loves gardening books! I have caught him many times flipping through and reading one of the one's I use, and it doesn't even have pictures!

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and wet, but thankfully, Sunday should be back to sunny and warm. I am so ready for spring and summer! I can't take much more cold.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend.

D :)


Marianne said...

The time change can be hard to adjust to. My kids have for once adjusted pretty well to it, but the mommy on the other hand not so well.
My baby is also teething. At 8 months she can't really tell me what is wrong and she has been at it for months already and there is still no teeth in there. So frustrating...
My neighbor is really planning on growing things this year and my 5 year old and I are contemplating it. We will see as we only have decks and containergarden is the only way for us.
Have fun with the gardening and enjoy tomorrows(?) good weather.

secondofwett said...

Today was gorgeous here also as we travelled thru Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia and now we've stopped to rest in West Viginia for the night. It was lovely and warm today...kind of what I had hoped for all week! Hope your babe is feelin' better soon.

Joyce said...

Makes me want to go out and garden right now...even though I don't know how to. =p I can just hear those birds right now. When we lived in San Francisco there used to be crows on the powerlines! I'd hear them right outside my window in the morning. Hope you can find some way to get rid of them. My MIL just gave Melody the book called Jack's garden. She likes seeing all the different things for the garden. The weather here has been bizarre with sunny and hot and then cold and cloudy. The rain seems to have finally gone....for now...I heard it is going to be a scorching summer though!!! I can't deal with that. =( Have a wonderful week and enjoy your books.

The Queen Mommy said...

We've had a rough time with the time change, too. It's never an easy couple of weeks, but thankfully, it's usually only temporary.

I think my 2 year old is getting molars. eccch. I'd gotten used to NOT teething - it's tough at any age.

We were just talking about what we want to plant in our garden. We have a small raised bed and containers. But it's been much cooler this weekend than it was all week, so we were inside most of the weekend. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and got what you needed for gardening. Sometimes that's just as much fun as the actual gardening. lol...

Anonymous said...
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