Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No Such Thing

"...I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above"

Today Port slept in until 9:15. Of course, it was one of the rare days I was trying to get somewhere before 10AM. And, I thought because he slept so long he would be in a great mood today. On the contrary, he was quite a turd most of the day.

We made a visit to Julia's house. She wanted me to come by to have a look at some things she had been gathering to give away - tons and tons of gorgeous blankets and things I could use for newborn photo sessions! I couldn't believe it - I now have more props and blankets and fun stuff than I could imagine. I am so excited to get to use it all. Julia ROCKS!

Little Port was not too happy when we walked in her house. I think he had a flash back to last week when I dumped, er uh, left him and Kiddo at Jen's house. He clung to me like a sticky booger and would not let me go for the first 15-20 minutes we were there. Poor little guy just trembled the whole time. Once he realized I wasn't going to leave him, he relaxed enough to play with the kids for a few minutes. When it was time to leave he was great; he walked out to the van and got in without any complaints. But for some reason, he did NOT want to get in his seat. He kept trying to get into the drivers seat, and after asking him several times to get in his chair with no cooperation, I had to drag him back and put him in myself. He screamed and fought me and then did the dreaded arching back thing. Ugh. That boy is so strong. When he arches his back like that it is soooo hard to get him to bend! I am afraid I am going to hurt him when he does that. Once I got his back side in the seat, it still took me 5 minutes of wrestling with him to get him clipped. He kept sticking his fingers in the wrong places and I was terrified I would pinch his fingers in the clips.

He screamed the whole way to the bank.

He calmed down once we got to the bank and was fine at the post office and all the way to the grocery store. He did well in the store as long as he had a snack to eat. He didn't even fuss when there were no balloons with suckers waiting at the entrance! But when we got to the check out line that all ended. He wanted to help me unload the basket and put things on the belt. Fine. He wanted to run the card for me and push the buttons on the machine. Fine. He wanted to go play the HEB Buddy game - no way! So the screaming began and he fought me all the way to the car. I had to force him into the seat again and he screamed the whole way home.

He was great when we got home; super sweet even, so I let him stay up a little longer than I normally would before nap time. Then the next thing I knew it was after 3PM and I totally forgot to put him down. He was playing so well it just completely slipped my mind. So I decided to forgo the nap -

ok people, that was soooo not a good idea.

Bed time was awful, horrible, maddening. He fought me tooth and nail to get jammies and diapers on. He screamed all the way to his room and for a long time after I left him there.

He is so not ready to give up naps. He just doesn't know it yet.

D :)

PS. I need to add one more "Gratitude" to my Gratitude Monday list - I know I mentioned my friend Jen and what a saint she is for watching the boys last week. But I also need to mention her again because I am so truly grateful for her. Not only is she one of the sweetest people I know, she is always willing to help me out when I am in a jam. And, Jen is the one who introduced me to the wedding photographer I second shoot with. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't have met him and had the amazing experiences I have in wedding photography. So thank you Jen, I am so grateful for you!

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Jen Barnes said...

Aw, shucks.

I'm blushing...

Sounds like you had a rough day with the kiddo, er, um, the little kiddo. I forgot their nicknames here. We have days like that anytime my 3 year old (wow, it sounds weird to say that!) L-man skips his nap. Horribleness! I feel bad when I read your frustrating days because I could help you so much more if I didn't have the same troubles of my own with the boys here, too. This is such a hard stage of life. Hang in there... we'll survive!

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