Wednesday, March 03, 2010

One Of Those Things

Well today Port napped, but he was a cranky gus all day so it really didn't matter. I actually had to put him in time out 3 times for hitting! Good grief. He is definitely my fiery one.

Kiddo has been in rare form lately. I don't know what has come over him - maybe his Sunday school teacher said something that spoke to him or maybe his angel finally climbed back up on his right shoulder, but he has been pretty darn good these past few days. He has picked up his room each night after only being told once or, in one case, not at all. He's been much better about doing what he's been asked and being helpful to me. He's really been super sweet.

Still annoying with all the questions and the constant talking, but sweet nonetheless.

Twice today I had to say something to him though, that started with this: "You know, when you are in school, you won't be able to ___".

Ugh. It makes my heart sink just thinking about it.

We still haven't figured out what we are going to do or where we want him to go yet. And kindergarten registration is only a couple of months away.

I don't want him to go.

I want him to stay with me. I want to homeschool him myself.

I have a lot of selfish reasons for wanting to homeschool, and a lot of unselfish reasons. But the majority of the reasons center around sheltering and protecting him, which, while that might be good in some ways, it will ultimately be bad. I know he needs more socialization. He needs time away from me. I just wish public school wasn't our only option. It is not what I want for him at. all. At. All. At. All.


I can't even think about it without getting all upset.


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J. Nalley said...

I really did have a lot of your same fears with JM. I didn't have control over where I sent her. Hubby and I were not on the same page. But you know, for now its the best thing that could have happened for us. We lucked into a great school, a great teacher, and a principal that I have been told by many people prays for the school each day!!!!! I couldn't have asked for more in this first year of school. You just never know what God will use in your life! I know you guys have other concerns too, but I pray it will all work out for you and your own anxiety will subside! If you end up in public school, just know that you can visit and be involved there so you aren't in the dark.

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