Saturday, March 06, 2010

Here For the Party

I had another good day for my birthday weekend. Hubby actually got up with Port this morning (which never happens) and attempted to let me sleep in. I didn't actually sleep much, because part of me was confused why he got up and another was that mommy sonic hearing that made me notice every little noise. Then right about the time I settled down enough to maybe doze for a few minutes, a little face popped up in my bed and whispered "Mommy I want to snuggle with you." When I ignored the face, it proceeded to grow hands and fingers that tickled my head and played with my hair.


I gave up and decided coffee was better than fighting the urge to sleep and not being able to. We had another semi leisurely morning. I had a photo shoot just before 11 at a beautiful local park. There was a wedding scheduled there that morning and we arrived just as it was wrapping up. We were harassed by a wedding goer who mistakenly thought the park was off limits to outside visitors while they were there. I made sure to stay as far away from the bride, groom and photographer as I could, the wedding was long over and the reservation on the park had expired, yet she still tried to make us uncomfortable by standing just next to the people I was photographing. I just kept smiling and shooting away and eventually she gave up. People amaze me sometimes.

Later that afternoon, Hubby helped me work on getting a fence around the back corner of the yard. He dug holes and poured some concrete to set 2 posts and we will attach a wire fence from one fence to another to make a corner. It won't be pretty, but hopefully it will keep the dog and her endless poop out of my garden area. I am so tired of dodging steaming piles while I am trying to tend to the garden.

We went to dinner early thinking we could avoid the rush and get back in time for the yummy carrot cake I made for myself. I chose to go to Red Lobster - I know, it's not anything special to most people but I never get to go anymore and Momma loves her some crab legs! We showed up at 5:45 and I have never seen the place more crowded. There were people waiting everywhere inside, all the bar seats were taken and every table outside was occupied with people waiting for a table. At 5:45!!! We waited about 50 minutes before being seated and by then we were all tired, hungry and cranky. I was not about to go anywhere else though.

I am glad we stayed because dinner was sooooo good! We had a gift card from Christmas and my inlaws sent me some cash specifically for dinner and with the two combined we only had to pay $4 out of pocket. Woo hoo!! The boys had fun playing with crab claws and eating the biscuits, mac-n-cheese and french fries. I of course had crab legs and Hubby got some special that had lobster tail and some other things.

We got back home just in time for bed for the boys, but I let them stay up a little so we could do cake. I put the candles in the cake (just 2), lit them and then the boys sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I blew out the candles and Kiddo asks, "so is this your party?" I told him yes and his eyes got all big and sad and he said "This is it? But, where are the balloons?" Lol! We got a good laugh out of that one. Poor kid, he thought I got gypped on a party.

The kids went to bed with relatively little fuss and we had a nice quiet evening.

All birthdays should be so sweet.

D :)

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Barb said...

The girls ask about balloons at "our" parties all the time. I don't know why its not like I go get them balloons.

Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

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