Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Song Remembers When

I have had an iPhone for almost 2 months now and I am just now getting around to putting some music on it. The ability for it to store so much and act as a super mp3 player is one of it's best features, and I have yet to utilize it.

So for the past couple of days I have been digging up all my cds and uploading them to iTunes and then syncing my phone. It has been quite the wonderful process - I am rediscovering so much music that I had forgotten about. It has been quite the trip down memory lane as well. I am sadly reliving a lot of my high school memories, the little good and the lot bad, but amazingly, while the music brings me there and reminds me, it also helps me rise above it and float away on a happy little cloud.

No, not that kind of happy little cloud...boop boop shoop shoop...

But anyway, I've been enjoying all the old music. Even the stuff I am embarrassed to own. lol! I just love how it makes me feel, the thoughts it invokes, the inspiration it provides. I love how it motivates me and makes me smile and gets me moving. I tolerate the boys better, I get more housework done and I just enjoy the day more.

One of my extremely talented photog friends, Kevin Gourley, always posts the most wonderful quotes on his Facebook page. Usually they are quotes from other people (I am particularly loving the Winnie the Pooh series he's been posting lately) but today he posted in his own words...

"Sometimes I suspect "heaven" is simply made up of music. Music is an art form that touches our souls, transcends this world..."

I just love that! Music really can elevate you almost to another dimension. To me, listening to great music is like having a little slice of heaven on earth.

Of course, everyone has their own idea of great music. ;-)

You know how I mentioned a while back that Hubby retrieved an iPod off the road after he saw it fall off the top of someone's car? Well, about a week later was the TORCH (Texas Off-Roaders for Christ) Christmas party. At the party, they had a raffle and door prizes and Hubby just happened to win a speaker set with an amp that plugs into mp3 players. It is a super nice set, perfect for hooking up an iPod and playing some tunes. Some people have all the luck...

Anyway, he brought it into our living room the other day so he could play his iPod, and today I was able to hook up my iPhone to it. It was soooo cool! I was singing all afternoon. I can't remember the last time I did that.

Our cd collection needs a serious overhaul. I found so many empty cases, and cds in the wrong case; it was insane! I opened up my Norah Jones case to find some weird cd of Canadian harp music! (yes, you read that right) Canadian harp music?!?!? really??? Oh yes. Neither Hubby nor I have ever seen that cd before, so I am not sure how it got in there.

At least, Hubby claims he's never seen it before...

So now that I have dug up all my old tunes and am excited about music again, I am looking for a new cd to add to my collection. I have a credit at Amazon...any suggestions? What are you totally digging right now? It doesn't have to be a new artist either. I recently discovered Alison Krauss, but I am not loving any one particular cd. There are lots of individual songs of hers that I love though.

I can't wait to hear about the music you listen to!

D :)


Carrie said...

I just got an iphone too, and haven't figured all its bells and whistles out yet. I am loving listening to Pandora on it tho...have fun and remember some good times :)

kimberly said...

You do know you can buy mp3s on itunes and on amazon, right? You don't have to actually buy the CD! LOL
I suggest getting some The Frey, Colbie Calliat, Kevin Hammond.

Anonymous said...
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